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  1. LOL.

    Sho cute~ <3

  2. Hey, Suika-chan! <3

  3. herroooo cindy =3

  4. LOL

    With....hot fries? X3

  5. Go Cindy, bribe those teachers! XD

  6. LOL

    I've got lots of homework to do....but I'm too lazy to finish. XD

  7. I just preordered Diablo 3. And saw the new Fairy Tail so tiz dandy. How about the great Cindy- Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen xD

  8. LOL...

    So....how's life?

  9. Try to get her to throw in a mall pretzel too

  10. Sure!

    *begs mom to go buy hot fries* X3

  11. try hot fries =3

  12. I like potato chips. XP

  13. happy late birthday XDXDXD


  14. oo yay me too =3

    i like sour liquorice like candy =3, choco peanuts and strawberrys, and corn chips xD

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