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  1. It seems that the police might have no idea that the organization even existed ... But somehow I have a feeling that detective Sato and detective Takagi might have noticed something. In the latest movie I think detective Megure even said something like "there's a bigger something lurking behind the scenes". So I am just wondering if they ever suspected the existence of the organization. I know the FBI is the main one involved in breaking down the organization, but what about the police? I mean, they could be of help as well. My guess would be that some of the detectives are already aware of the organization and maybe are secretly digging into it. What do you think?
  2. In DC, a lot of American FBI agents(Jodie, James... etc) were introduced and I just realised that they all speak perfect Japanese. I don't speak Japanese but it seems like they don't speak Japanese with an accent and people are able to understand them fine. Oh and Vermouth! Isn't she a hollywood star or something? And she speaks Japanese too. So I am assuming that Japanese is an easy language to learn? XD I would love to learn the language. However, the characters are complicated and I don't know if I'd be able to learn to write them. But it'd be nice if someone could teach me some Japanese. I've learned some over the years from DC but only the basic phrases like konichiwa or aligato. I am planning on travelling to Japan sometime during the summer and wonder if someone would teach me some useful phrases?
  3. After the bandaged man episode I got so scared walking alone at night. Even though my neighbourhood is fairly safe, I still have to turn and look every 5 seconds to see if anyone's following me ...im so paranoid I know but I'm just making sure that i don't get killed by some weird bandaged monster XD
  4. I did. I can't really remember what episode it was, and I never wanted to find out because it scared me so bad. It was about somebody being killed and hid in the elevator( between the walls in the elevator) in a library. The kids stayed in the library and accidentally turned on the light, and the killer was just walking out the door and he turned and saw the light and knew somebody was in it. And the look on his face freaked me out. Then, when the kids all turned their backs to the elevator and the door just opened and the creepy guy was in it, I screamed and I felt like my heart was gonna stop. I was watching it with my friends and they all laughed at me. I've seen so many scary movies and I never got that scared. I stopped watching DC for a long time because that episode scared me so bad. Did anybody see this episode? Were you scared too cause I was terrified. And what episode/scene scared you the most? I'm just curious XD
  5. Jodie's father was tracking the BO down before he got killed by Vermouth. So we know FBI discovered the existence of BO over 20 years ago. Unless Jodie's father didn't report it to FBI and was secretly collecting information.
  6. in ep345 after she took conan as a hostage and fled, she got a text from "the boss" and if I remember it right, the boss said "I've given you too much freedom. Come back to me." So I am guessing she's more of a lover than a daughter or wife, but that's just my opinion.
  7. At the end of ep345(the anime version), after Vermouth was shot by Akai and took conan as a hostage, she sat in the phone booth and called Gin. I remember her saying "if i knew it'd be a tie between me and Akai, I would've killed him in NY." It sounded like she had a choice. Or maybe it's a problem with the translation. And in the anime, when she encountered Akai, she had a gun and she could've shot him, but she fled instead. And that happened before she met Shinichi and Ran ... So I was confused why she didn't just kill him. She knew he was gonna be a threat to the organisation and she knew she was on a mission to kill him.
  8. So Vermouth disguised as a serial killer in NY to lure Akai out and kill him right? But there's this one scene where Vermouth encountered Akai and instead of killing him, she fled and was shot by Akai and she fell down the stairs. My question is, why didn't she just kill him? She was supposed to kill him! Or did I miss something?
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