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  1. Hi, have you re-read the file? Could you explain to me how its obvious that Conan is smarter than Akai and Bourbon in that file? Thank you!! And sorry for the trouble!
  2. haha, its okay but could you reread it? Cuz I can't find that chapter online so I have no idea what you meant by "Conan is smarter than akai as well as bourbon", and I wanna know how you came to that conclusion. Thank you so much!
  3. yeah, its just Akai is able to keep his calm in almost any kind of situation but shinichi gets flustered easily (esp in situations regarding his identity) , which may lead him to miss out on the important clues like he did in Yusaku's Cold Case.. thats my justification as to how Akai managed to solve that case before Conan. Whats your opinion?
  4. ohh, but in majority of cases they seem to be on par with one another in their deductive skills, except for in Yusaku's Cold Case, where Conan was most likely flustered about Sera asking him about Shinichi that he didn't notice Sonoko saying the hint, "Ninja". But idk cuz Akai is has FBI training and is abt 10 years older than him.
  5. oh haha okay!! Hope Bhavneet replies lol. I'm confused haha. So in your opinion Akai is smarter than Conan ?
  6. I'm sorry but I didn't understand your reply.. Whats " ^ "?
  7. No one is active on that thread so I thought of opening a new thread.. Sorry. I just wanted opinions.
  8. Who, in your opinion are the smartest characters? I would like to believe that conan is the smartest as he seems to know everything, however in Yusaku's Cold Case (ep 690-691, chpt 812-813) it seems like Subaru Okiya was able to solve the case before Conan and even had to give Conan the hint to solve the case! Does this indicate that he's smarter than Conan or it was more like Conan was caught off guard by Sera asking him "Isn't that right?" regarding a question about Shinichi that he was unable to catch onto Sonoko saying "Ninja", the word which first gave Subaru the clue to solving the case?
  9. Which file showed that he was smarter than Akai and Bourbon? I mean, in the Yusaku Cold Case, Akai/Subaru Okiya had to give Conan a hint to solve the case..
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