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  1. Wristwatch, though I don't wear it at all... Slap or Kick?
  2. Detergent powder came out Inserts homework
  3. Because we watch Naruto Xdddd
  4. "...My teacup?" "If you gotta go..."
  5. Wow! A specific thread for spamming, just wow! @Detective Rohitis a genius! And I know this is a long dead thread hihi
  6. *throws a pot of sugar* To give you diabetes haha
  7. Broken PS4 came out *Inserts a no-parking sign*
  8. I like both but I'll go with mayonnaise since I have Tuna in my house Pen or Paper?
  9. Seriously? What am I, a 5-years-old?
  10. Penelope Garcia from Criminal minds?
  11. Depends on how much the many refers to. I do have several besties, 6 of them, that's all... Does have many friends online?
  12. Try to figure out why they left, get depressed but get on with life, I'll never forget them, I don't think I can... I can't imagine it happening... What would you do if you get to summon a deceased person back to live?
  13. Only fate knows, good luck Is it possible for me to finish all the homeworks and finish the story I'm working on and study in the two weeks break while helping my parents out in their shop?
  14. *Just stares blankly since I don't know what's that* Throws a bag
  15. "I'll be happy" "Nothing is... "
  16. Conan (they used it in one of my fav endings ) Cat
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