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  1. Fairy dust parkles! Me lovey sparkles! Throws Tinkerbell
  2. At least I don't have to deal with stomachache after eating my homemade cake... You are given immortality and have been cursed to be alone forever...
  3. Popcorn comes out Inserts Harley Quinn
  4. Nope, I'm 5th out of 6 siblings Is the eldest child in family?
  5. Don't take me wrong, but I don't think I'll come here again cause well, I have no money... What would you do if you're house on fire?
  6. At least I have notebook and pen (or simply Microsoft Word ) so I can always create my own story... You're forced to kill an innocent little girl for no reason...
  7. "...kill you" "I won't go back on my words..." Translation in Japanese : (just for fun) "Massugu jibun no kotoba wo makenai..."
  8. Wait, that's me! And I happen to know who Alice is really...
  9. At least I can do something productive then... You're forced to live as a human slave
  10. Nobita Nobi, he cries all the time... Time machine
  11. Eat up all of it Throws the wrappers
  12. Actually, I've been wondering the same thing ever since I got a damn good idea for a manga, my inability to draw anything nice is ultimately holding me back haha... I guess, if you try searching online Is it possible for me to stop being dramatic?
  13. #3? Coz you said you loved lasagna... Nope the lie was #1, my battery was 10 back then hihi and yeah, someone DID nicknamed Harley Quinn, online ofc Here I go... #1) I was lying on the floor when typing this #2) I was lying on the bed while posting this #3) I had a pillow under my head while posting this
  14. Let them, then probably sue them for copyright properties, or just enjoy the show... I mean, I'm a celeb hihi What would you do if you given a choice whether to disappear from the world or revive a deceased dearest one?
  15. Never been to one but I think I might like it... Loves travelling?
  16. Oh sorry, my brain have technical problems, AGAIN... How old am I?
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