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  1. Where do I look and from which angle?
  2. What proof do you have to justify your denial?
  3. I forgot I nicknamed him that XD Of course it's possible, all he have to do is to find a publisher Is it possible for my life to get happening... in a fun way?
  4. You guys better throw up a feast for the queen who has returned
  5. Ayuna Yume

    Conan x Ayumi

    Do you even know what pervert means?...
  6. Alice founded, now own up!
  7. At least I'm gonna be remembered XDDD Your long time crush is about to kill you...
  8. "is something you put -ed behind verbs and stuff" "Time and opportunity..."
  9. Troll, coz troll is happiness XD
  10. Helium gas came out Inserts a bucket of boiling lava
  11. Tbh, this is the first I've heard of that thing and searching on Google jut contributed more to my confusion so I have no idea..... Is it possible for me to kill myself?
  12. No idea what to associate with tea kettle but well, Tea and Coffee are siblings so, Yoshimura from Tokyo Ghoul Piano
  13. Dodges, chemical stuff bleh Throws APTX4869
  14. Ultimate truth, where is it?
  15. Coollllll XDDDD Sorry but your reign has ended coz the true champion is here
  16. Swallow the hatred within me.... After all, if I kill that b****, It's my life that's gonna be ruined anyway What would you do if you encountered Conan, in his 2D state, walking around the streets?
  17. Panther Lily from Fairy Tail (I'm hopeless) Smell
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