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  1. Be glad that I don't have to go to school anymore haha What would you do if a robber takes you as a hostage in a bank?
  2. I don't mind iced tea, though my favorite would be full cream milk or just water (yes, I'm a weirdo) Have Shinichi/Conan as a favorite character in DC? I'm long sighted thus spectacles are useless when reading books hihi
  3. Sorry, but this have 5 words...
  4. Yeah, but argument like this are fun! So, what was your name again, Miss Alice?
  5. The general answer would be life but since we need an anime character, Gin from you-know-where Wedding gown
  6. At least I can learn to be independent You have to move faraway and leave behind your best friends...
  7. Biscuit ( Luxury is a biscuit brand here hihi)
  8. All the fluffiness is killing me! Throws cookies
  9. "...one must go out and buy it" "Happiness is..."
  10. Try not to keep my hopes up or probably be really depressed, its obviously a prank... What would you do if you can't use Internet for one week?
  11. I try to wear spectacles all the time except when reading books... I love them! Though I'd prefer them to be in the garden, they look better when gathered like that Loves fruits?
  12. Yay! Now I'm rich! Throws cotton candy ~
  13. Wait till someone bring back pure water from anywhere else... What would you do if someone created a plushie of you?
  14. "...chase sadness away" "No pain..."
  15. Well, I'd always loved darkness, just hope that I don't die out of boredom XD You can only eat salad for the rest of your life
  16. Yay! A fellow Gruvia shipper, Gruvia for the win! Mouri Ran, she wore it once hihi Shoes
  17. At least I can have my justice in afterlife... You were sent to a mental hospital and have to spend the rest of your life there... Erk...sorry?
  18. "...is someone who gives you cookies" "A home is..."
  19. Sadly, I DO wear spectacles... Loves pop genre?
  20. Look in the mirror, for hours hihi What would you do if you wake up to find your favorite anime character greeting you? (They're 3D and alive!)
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