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  1. Shion-sama

    The Three Arrows Game

    ^ shounen < finished Rune Factory 4 v ever played any rune factory/harvest moon games?
  2. Shion-sama

    The Three Arrows Game

    ^ never really thought about it hhmmm guess it don't matter to me if the anime is still on-going < is bored v what do you think about Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo Q?
  3. Shion-sama

    Men vs. Women #1

    -18 o_o
  4. Shion-sama

    Last Poster Wins

    children please chill down cause the king has entered the arena
  5. Shion-sama

    Men vs. Women #1

  6. Shion-sama

    What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    Hidden shy puberty HoneyWorks by Amatsuki
  7. Shion-sama

    Men vs. Women #1

    -16 woah girls 300+ epic
  8. Shion-sama

    Hey I'm Back

    yo everyone im back, so how is everyone?
  9. Shion-sama

    What's Your Excuse?

    I can't because I got the shinigami eyes!!! Why you throw that fridge at me!
  10. Shion-sama

    Why You Like The Person Above You?

    Giving a high five to my nee-san
  11. Shion-sama

    A Word Game?

    Edogawa Conan
  12. Shion-sama

    4 Letter Challenge!

  13. Shion-sama

    Attack the Member above you?

    Spirit Gun (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  14. Shion-sama

    The Three Arrows Game

    ^ yeah < goes to the beach everyday v favorite sherlock Holmes movie