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  1. Oh,no...I guess I was a bit emotional yesterday....my fault... Regarding your last paragraph, that ConAi is a potentially great storyline. True, I agree with you, but if that's the case, if Gosho-sensei really did something like that, Conan and Ai being a couple, that would change the storyline completely...And Ran won't have any role at all...Let's say, she did appear in the story as a supporting character, as Shinichi's most trusted childhood friend and with whom Conan stay with, the outcome will still be the same...Some fans might get bored with ConAi and start to ship ShinRan instead, even though it's not canon...It's natural to have any disagreements with the story since not everyone has the same way of thinking, I know this have nothing to do with our topic, who's better off with Shinichi...but again everything is writer's choice, I agree ConAI will be an interesting couple, but I still root for ShinRan because I just prefer loyalty and true love than how interesting and better a couple can be...don't get me wrong....I still think ShinRan would be a better couple, but you and other ConAi fans don't, and it's not your fault at all... And yeah, I agree with Antiyonder, Ran should be given an opportunity to show her ability and trustworthiness more... Hm...in that case, I'm still single, Kudou Shinichi! LOL
  2. Woah,take it easy there,You sound a bit too emotional...relax,chill bro,this is just for fun...My apologies if my opinion annoys you.... Firstly, I never said that writers are perfect, no one is, I just said that writers write what they think are right, for example, I write what I think is right, and so do you, we both give our opinions that we think we are right only to be proved wrong the next second...We,the readers,can grumble all we want but it's all in the writer's hand, that was my point,sorry if I didn't make myself clear... Next, about your opinion,it's not wrong,not at all...You have your own point of view,lovers should help each other overcome their flaws,it's a beautiful one but I, too have my OWN point of view, I would appreciate if you respect it. Yes, I do agree that they should help each other on that matter, but they should also consider other's feelings as well...Haibara is just too blunt and sarcastic.While being straightforward is nice and helpful, sarcastic is the opposite. It might hurt others... True, that lover should point out each other's flaws, at the same time, they should also give space for a change... Ran and Shinichi had known each other for 10 years, in dc's timeline, surely they have seen flaws in the other, don't you think? Do you think that the so-called 'dark side' can be kept for 10 years but not for a year or two? (the timeline is really confusing) But it's obvious that Ran knew him longer.... Anyway, all of us watched dc for 20 years,at least the episodes worth of 2 decades and we haven't really found his 'dark' side if you mean his recklessness,he has always been like that and survived without Haibara....I know that's the point you're trying to make, that he might not in the future, but what change will it make? Haibara's there, yet he still acted against her, still went into a showdown with BO, If Ran knew about this, she would, of course, try to stop him, given the danger, if he still stubborn,she would do the same like Haibara did in the Vermouth arc...I really can't see how she can 'humble' him any better than Ran...He's just that arrogant *ARGH! why is he so charming?faints, again* Ignore the line,really... P.s: I'm sorry if my reply is offending or emotional, but I'm cool(the line before this for example hihi) and it's just my style of debate...
  3. thanks a lot! M.K-san...hihi I dunno either, maybe cause I registered using yahoo mail, after I switched to my gmail account,it went smoothly...but I didn't do so earlier cause I'd much prefer yahoo mail than gmail Anyway,thanks again!
  4. I don't know when Kazuha gets in the picture but yeah, she share the same personality with Ran...Is it related?Never mind,even though I know Haibara will be a great partner in his work, scientist and detective share the same principle after all, and everything you said, plus if we compare, Haibara will be a better partner for Shinichi because of her sharp intellect than Ran, I just can't see them as a couple. Both of them are egoist, and gosh, I can't imagine if they have a fight as couple...and how long it will last, Meanwhile, Ran & Shinichi's longest fight is a week,only a week and the whole week Shinichi doesn't even realize he's in a fight because he got hooked up with a case in an OVA,a case of Shinichi back in middle school, but as soon as he aware(sorry for my vocabulary) they immediately make up just because of a song,how cute that is...I know that OVAs aren't canon but I'm just giving an example so it doesn't really matter,if it is for you then you can simply toss it away hihi And I have to disagree with you that they don't see each other's flaws,because they have made many comments on each other's flaws throughout the series,for example, Shinichi has commented on how Ran uses her karate to get whatever she wants,and Ran did it too many times I'm sure you have noticed, but they just accept it and even love it, that's what true relationship needs...Not hating every single flaws you have,tolerance is a key to a long-lasting relationship without a doubt...And if you love someone with all your heart,you have to accept them for who they are, not only just the perfect side.. Lastly, I can't see the chemistry that you said in ConAi like I do in ShinRan, ConAi can be a great partner and all,but not as lovers,in my view that is...they differ too much while having many similarities,its just so damn weird for me...and I don't think that Shinichi will ever change his heart,ever...And you can't do anything about a writer's choice because we write what we think are right, yes we, because I'm a soon-to-be a novelist,a romance novelist,that's why this topic interest me so very much hihi And of course,same goes to the Vermouth arc.The way you say it made me think too, maybe Ran was stalking her and when she saw Conan as Ai entering her car,she got suspicious?Wait,another thing, Ran can't humble him?Okay, first of all, his arrogant personality and way-too-handsome-figure for a man, Ouch! ,is the thing that made ME fall for him hihi,ok let's get back to the topic, hm..I think if anyone can 'tame' him, it should be Ran, since she have his heart and while willing to do whatever he says, she still can make him surrender too, besides, I don't think he have to be any humble,that's his significant personality, *ARGH! freaking out! 'Fangirl'ing overload,faints* Ignore the last line...
  5. Hm...Firstly,I'm gonna apologize if I said/typed something wrong, Please do fix any inconsistency I'm in a bad mood so sorry if I'm rude but seriously why is Ran saving Ai is confusing? And why on earth are you doubting about her sense of justice? She has way more sense of justice than Haibara, who seems to be so selfish,she only cares for the people she knows and love, while Ran would happily do that for anyone...protecting,I mean...Sorry I can't give any example here since I'm too tired to think right now...but I think that Vermouth is more than enough to prove her sense of justice...Just like Antiyonder have stated,with the list of eps and stuff...I tried my best to read all the posts but gosh, its like endless! Impossible to read everything in one day read the first 20+ and 3 recent pages,last I can remember is about unicorns and hair, whatever... And about the chemistry stuff, eveyone have their own opinion on the matter, and its unfair to say that one's opinion is better than the other,I mean logical ones...okay,I'm starting to write nonsense,sorry but I'm a hardcore SHINRAN fan! And it really gets on my nerve,no offense guys, if someone says stuff like 'Ran can't keep up with Shinichi' or 'Ran and Shinichi have nothing in common',keeping up with one's line of work doesn't really matter in relationships,its an obvious fact and you see(This is a random 'you' hihi) Shinichi and Ran managed to be friends for at least 10 years,how do you think they did it, while have 'nothing' in common, Even though they have different interests, but they have the same point of view, and they respect each others interests,willing to tolerate,care for each other,this is enough in a relationship...And Ran is supportive of Shinichi's work, like I said earlier, 'keeping up' isn't necessary...hm..I reached my limit now, too tired to continue,so I'll come back later and continue? P.s: this post is filled with my random views and it might not make any sense cause I'm too tired to re-read so...
  6. Yay! ShinRan all the way! The best couple ever! Just watched an episode 600 something and I thought Ai would make a good pair for Conan and almost change to AiCon, but don't worry my heart stays with ShinRan AKA the young Kudo couple hihi
  7. Hm...I didn't mean that Ran is incapable of keeping secrets,not at all. In fact, I support the fact that she would be able to assist Shinichi/Conan if she is to know the truth. What I was saying is, if the BO ever gets to know Conan's true identity, of course they would eliminate everyone around him especially Ran & Kogoro,with whom he stayed all these while. Shinichi's main reason for not telling her is to protect her, not because he doesn't trust her. The thing is, whether he tells her or not, its not like BO's going to spare her should they know the truth. My point is, Ran is the one who often gets in his way in investigation and its not her fault at all. She's just overly caring and tries to act as his sister, worrying for his well-being and stuff .If she knows the truth, not only she would never get in his way in cases, she would also help cover his secrets as best as she could even though it would be so awkward. I'd much prefer she being the detective and finding out the truth herself or at least someone, the older Kudo couples (I said older because I ship Ran and Shinichi with all my heart and often call them husband and wife hihi ) or Heiji can tell her about it as it would be so awkward if Shinichi telling her himself. I don't want that to happen..I love Shinichi, I am his secret admirer hihi but I don't like him being secretive with his own wife.He didn't have a choice but Gosho-sensei have a lot of chanes to expose it to her. HE BETTER! XD @AnimeOtakuDrew I'm really looking forward for your fanfic! Ganbatte! and I haven't watch all the episodes either, going to watch ep 737... Thanks for your info @Antiyonder, but currently I'm watching dc in a website, Ryuanime.com and I don't feel like changing...
  8. Konnichiwa! Actually, I'm not japanese, but I think japanese is such a kawaii language so I'm kinda learning it hihi. I'm still a newbie for this website, juz signed up yesterday, Actually I've been trying to sign up for ages coz I love dc and was dying to become part of the community and felt really sad since I wasn't accepted till yesterday, a miracle happened and ta-da, here I am! Hm..I loved det conan since I was a kid and recently started watching it, and finally reached ep 728, dying to see the ending of this great show! Anyway, nice to meet you guys! Minna-san, hajimemashite! ps: I'm terrible when its come to punctuation marks so gomen hihi
  9. ARGH! I'm freaking out, have been trying to sign up for soooo long, juz got to, OK this is my thought on the matter, I really want Ran to know Conan's identity coz its sad to see her waiting & missing someone who's right beside her, And I juz read all, I mean ALL, the comments and got new ideas and thoughts that I didnt even consider, I agree with @Antiyonder and loved @AnimeOtakuDrew's Idea, I really hope Ran can aid Shinichi to defeat BO at least cover his secret, and I know that she would definitely end up going against BO herself for sure, and I know that if Shinichi know then he would take safety measures to keep her away from dangers. And someone mentioned that BO's not sparing her even if she doesnt know, so I don't see the point in keeping the secrets, and also no matter when she finds out, she would always forgive him coz its Ran, she would never use her karate on Shinichi, pls dont mind my previous comment:( BTW, Hello everyone! I juz signed up, this is the my very first comment, am waiting eagerly for your reply! Hajimemashita and nice to meet you!
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