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  1. At least I can start as new life... You're not allowed to watch Detective Conan anymore
  2. Sorry the answer is 3. I love KFC and I love myself, I just hate my life... #2? Mine is more challenging : #1) My phone battery when I post this was 15% #2) My laptop is somewhere at the living room #3) Someone nicknamed me Harley Quinn
  3. Then where's the real Alice?
  4. *burst out laughing while slapping myself hard* Sorry, my deepest apologies... K here I go, You have to write a 300 page novel overnight...
  5. #3? My lie, 1) I prefer KFC more than McD 2)I hate my life 3)I hate myself
  6. At least I don't have to deal with ........ called life anymore... Paper or pen?
  7. Ancient aliens, simply coz I find the ancient gods to be more... illogical than aliens... Mango or Banana?
  8. Otaki-han (I hope it hasn't been said before, too lazy to check the previous pages hihi )
  9. At least I don't have to live anymore.... You have zero money with you and can't go to the bank...
  10. It wasn't my fault, the Cheshire Cat was messing with my browser... Whatever, I do not understand why is it so hard for you to admit your identity, Alice no yaro Go see a consultant already!
  11. Because they're my senpai by less than 12 months, I'm a march baby Happy belated day, Magic-san
  12. *the pie crashed on my face* *licks the tasty whipping cream that's all over my face now* I could've dodged it but Ayuna never refuses a cake~ *throws a pot of caramel*
  13. Because they have faith that I'll grow up haha
  14. Nope, I'm not. But you needs to see a psychiatrist coz I think you might have an identity disorder, Alice!
  15. Nope, I'm not. But you needs to see a psychiatrist coz I think you might have an identity disorder, Alice!
  16. You... You forgot about me? How could you, did you forget all our sweet promises, my magical knight? Oh well, that means you're banished from my kingdom, the queen has finally returned *evil laugh*
  17. *catch the salad and eat it slowly* *throws an apple pie, aimed at your face,*
  18. Empty bottle came out! It appears that the machine likes apple juice XD *inserts a flower petal*
  19. Future coz it seems cool... Black or white?
  20. Am I allowed to do anything else?
  21. Because they are magical weeeee XD, I'm referring to your display name hihi Because they think that I'm a little kid, I'm 15...
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