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  1. Oh normally we don't find that around here either for similar reasons. Though, with enough "demand" from viewers, there has been a few theaters state wide that have acquired things every now and then. Aside from that DBZ movie I mentioned the last anime in theaters was whenever the Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie came out back in the early 2000's area.
  2. Okay so I'm guilty of watching dubbed anime whenever I can. Why? Because often times than not I need a break from reading subtitles... or I'm watching something at night and am laying in bed so don't feel like wearing my glasses just to read along. End result, I'll watch things dubbed. When I end up re-watching the DC series in the near to distant future I'll, without a doubt, watch the first 5 seasons in english and then catch what isn't dubbed in Japanese with subtitles. Now, this isn't because of a preference so much as my brain being lazy, that's all. I enjoy the series both ways just fine. >v<
  3. The Kir arc was pretty eptastic but I'm really liking the Bourbon arc. Seriously, who doesn't like that stunt that was pulled to stop the vehicle Conan was stuck in and freaking Sera practically bitch-slapping the woman pointing the gun at him with her motorcycle's tire? I loved that episode a lot and kept replaying that scene while everyone was doing their thing trying to help him. Then you've got the Scarlet arc... or set and the Bell Tree train one too with even Kid in the mix. Damn, just damn. Granted... it really was a close tie for me because I loved the FBI vs the Black Organization set/arc. Trust me I had a hard time choosing but am happy with my choice. >v</
  4. Loved loved loved the Black Organization vs FBI arc (eps. 490-501) but highly enjoyed many other episodes too. My favorites are when Gin seems somewhat surprised by things or... well, at least things don't end up really working out super for him. So, the one with Haibara where Conan shot him with the tranquilizer is a fav... so is the episode where Akai snipes Gin through the scope of the gun he'd been peering through to see him. Just, pretty much look forward to any episode with the Black Organization. The only one I didn't like was the one where Akemi was killed but that's only because they killed her. >A<
  5. So glad to see that I wasn't the only one to vote for Ai Haibara. Though, please let me state clearly that I have nothing against Ran. Pretty sure they'll end up being Canon... however, I just can't imagine things going well should she ever find out he is/was Conan Edogawa. When that happens there are high odds that she may feel betrayed because he never mentioned it to her... then add in the fact he was there to see a lot of things and learn many secrets she may have rather that he didn't know then you end up with rough terrain. Still, in the back of my mind I do still root for them... yet at the same time I do hope that Ai Haibara is a thing and let me explain a little to why. They both are aware of what has happened to each other so there isn't that as a barrier between them. He won't have to disappoint her by giving fake reasons of there being a "case" he is working on where he can't come to do something with her. Seriously, how long can that last? There is not guarantee he'll be able to return to how he was, and should he/they not be able to, they'd both re-grow up together and they'd have a better chance at that point. Well, aside from that in their thought process they are very similar. Also, in a fairly recent-ish episode where Ai had proved herself capable of solving a case... granted Conan did already give them the answer but they didn't quite pick up on his reasoning and he couldn't really explain himself so rather than call for the police as he'd instructed they went to check things out themselves. Oh well, things worked out either way. Basically, what I'm trying to say is they're both on the same wavelength to a higher extent than the other two aside from things like him being able to know where Ran would hide and what not. In the end... I think I'd be a little heartbroken if Ran and Shinichi don't end up together, however, if Ai Haibara were the other candidate I think I'd get over it faster with because I could see that as a possibility. Do note though that I'm hoping for Shinichi x Ran and Heiji x Kazuha all the way I've at least got a back up pair in mind for one and find it impossible for the other... well unless Masumi Sera but that is seriously way off the mark. Ain't no way I really see that, she just passed through my mind for a similarity sort of thing.
  6. Oh wow that's so far back that I've completely forgotten about it but good question. I'm curious just what is on it and why the heck she's keeping it from Conan if they're on the same side unless it really was messed up. Hard to say at this point but I'd likely to think if it is still working she'll bring it to light again soon.
  7. I was actually just sitting here thinking "wow, I don't really remember the older episodes clearly anymore" and that is because I started re-watching the series in 2010 or 2011 and got through up to episode 490. After that I took a few years as a break because I seriously burnt myself out with how quickly I watched all those episodes. After that I resumed the series at 490 this past August and was able to catch back up as of mid November taking it a little slower but not by too much. Now I'm all caught up and considering re-watching the series to kill a bit of time and reacquire a few new episodes to catch back up on rather than impatiently waiting for the weekly episodes. Still under debate though as about a week or two ago I finished re-watching all 19 movies. xD
  8. There were loads of episodes that got to me for various reasons. One of the earlier ones with the Moonlight Sonata song where Conan was unable to save the suspect. The episode where Akemi was killed was another one that got to me a bit... not full blown tears but a few. There are more, I'm sure that I'm forgetting because it's been quite a while since I saw 1-490 and I'm no doubt missing a lot of episodes that "got to me" for instance there was the one where Conan had been shot helping the kids and Ran knew they had the same blood type. The Desperate Revival got me some too... then part of the Vermouth arc where Ran protected Ai. Going more recent... when Akai Shuichi "died" got me real good. I'd gotten attached to him in the short time he was there. There is the set of episodes where a prior case came back and where someone got their face changed to be exactly like Shinichi's for revenge and that got to me because the whole misunderstanding but everything pilling up... everyone trying to help him, Ran feeling lost, etc. Now the episodes had a way harder time getting to me, I'll tell you that one. The movies, on the other hand, I think I cried at least once for all of them. Even during the re-watches it still gets to me especially The Quarter of Silence one.
  9. Thankfully my brother has Crunchyroll so we've got it synched to both of our systems; his PS4 my PS3. I think I missed an episode or two but not much more than that. Actually, probably a good thing I missed a couple because I remember there were going to be some two parter episodes coming up which means I can watch them both at once instead of watching part one then waiting a week for part two. I swear I have a love-hate relationship with the fact that I caught up within the last month. Love because now I've seen practically all episodes (except the last two) and the hate is for the fact I now have to wait for more episodes to watch. >A<
  10. Sorry about that. I mean, some places get movies as Japan airs them and even have subtitles already in theater... like there was a theater 50 miles from where I live that had the latest DBZ movies released as Japan did. But, unfortunately, they have yet to do that with any Detective Conan movies. If they did, I'd totally be all over that. But, at least there are other things to preoccupy our minds for a while.
  11. Not normally, no. I mean you will see some episodes and hear something mentioned cuing into a movie sometimes... however, that doesn't make or break things. I do recommend watching the anime first at least for a while so you get all the characters introduced in order but it is all up to you. Each viewer is different.
  12. Let me make one thing crystal clear here real quick. I loved the movie as a whole especially how I was rooting for Kid being the good guy but there sure as hell were some moments I had a few doubts. They did a really great job in making the movie a tad bit hard to predict which was a good thing in my opinion. If you just knew what the end was, a sure thing, that got boring real fast. Now, I had this huge problem... they repeated a thing. Please do not read further if you haven't seen the movie. Think that's enough rambling on my bit... I'd still give the movie a high ranking, as I've loved all things DC to my knowledge, but I guess it depends on the person. If you get bothered by something like what bugged me it'll make re-watching it a bit difficult. I wish they could find a way to make episodes and films without repeating too much but I know that for how long they've been ongoing it can be highly difficult. I just feel the repetitiveness can become taxing on the viewer. Once again, my own experience. Please do know that I still plan to continue watching the series and can't wait for Movie 20. >v</
  13. Unfortunately I can't limit myself to a favorite but rather multiple and they're in no particular order because I enjoy them all practically the same. My favorite movies are (listed in order of release not favorite as they're all about equal); The Fourteenth Target (M2) The Last Wizard of the Century (M3) Captured in Her Eyes (M4) Countdown to Heaven (M5) Magician of the Silver Sky (M8) The Private Eyes' Requiem (M10) The Raven Chaser (M13) The Lost Ship in the Sky (M14) Quarter of Silence (M15) The Eleventh Striker (M16) Dimensional Sniper (M18) The Hellfire Sunflowers (M19) Now if I were to try gauging them into some order... the Black Organization movies go first followed by the Kaitou Kid ones and then everything else follows after. Don't really know why but that's the pattern I've noticed. So... Probably would actually be 13, 5, 19, 14, 10, 8, 3, 16, 15, 4, 2. Guess I can put them in some form of order after all. xD
  14. Read through all the posts prior and just gotta say all the ideas everyone has just has me feeling more psyched for when I'll be finally able to watch the movie with subtitles. I've been excited for every movie and more so now that it's another Black Organization one. Mix in the fact the FBI will be involved to some degree and I really can't wait. Wish it were next fall already where it'd likely be online by then.
  15. I'll have to give this one a try after the present one I'm working on already. I just started one and, well, also need to practice a bit with drawing again before I attempt. It has been a while for me. >A<
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