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  1. thank you <3 i will definitely stay laughing is wonderful :3
  2. Even if it is slow at least it's something <3 Maybe one day it will gain popularity in america, i truly hope so. Mysteries aren't as popular as some of the other genres lately but maybe they'll make a comeback. I'll just have to explore the new members section and see if i can make friends <3
  3. It's nice to meet everyone, i didn't even know this site exsisted. I haven't really found many people who like case closed let alone know what it is so i am very excited to be here. My hobbies include writing fiction and poetry, drawing, digital art (no i'm not very good at drawing or digital art), reading, listening to music, singing loudly when nobody is around, and i'm sure there are other things i'm forgetting (i haven't slept yet and i'm actually really sleepy but i was so excited to find this site i couldn't wait). I admit i fangirl over Shinichi i mean who wouldn't love a detective like that, he just sets my heart aflutter in the way only a fictional character can (before you're like, is this chick creepily into fictional characters, let me answer that no i am not, not in that way anyway, i'm happily in a relationship in the real world but nobody can deny taht fictional characters hold special places in our hearts). Sorry i kind of babbled a little it comes with how sleepy i am right now. Thank you for reading and i hope we can become friends <3 (the image below is from google, i merely thought it fit well with the idea of friends)
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