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  1. What if the middle brother Rei Furuya (Tooru Amuro / Bourbon) . Maybe the reason he hates Shuiichi Akai is because Shuiichi had something to do with her child like appearance . But I really think that the second older brother is Shukichi Haneda , I mean after he won all the Seven Shogi title , every Akai family is shown at the end of the page.
  2. Thank you guys for the warm welcome Maybe its because of the link . I'll try to fix the link .
  3. Hello, Im lunar1412 , I've watched Detective conan since I was 8 (or was it 9 or maybe 7 ) . Back then when my house does not have this "intenet" thing , I used to buy detective conan comic (tankobon) . The newest volume that I have is vol 61 (not that I buy every single volume though but I do have vol 54-61) . After I my parents decided to subcripe to an internet , I stopped buying Detective Conan comic. I just read them online for free (yeah just like most of you guys ) . That is all for my intro . This may be the longest intro that I ever typed (maybe because its related to detective conan) . BTW, am I allowed to use this icon?
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