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  1. The pace of publication has slowed down quite a bit. Anyway, hopefully we will get some detailed answers to questions of motivations. It’d be fun if Sera is able to steal the antidote and find out its effects by using it on Mary.
  2. Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare
  3. Not a lot but yeah I do curse a bit. Plays chess?
  4. detConShin

    Urdu anyone?

    Mujhe Urdu bolni toh nahi aati par samajh leta hoon.
  5. Yes! They are some of the best books I've read. has watched Attack on Titan?
  6. Sure. Has read the Song of Ice and Fire series?
  7. Hahah wish I was, though I am not that bad at studies either. is a Dickens' fan?
  8. Yamcha from dragon ball Z and Bourbon have the same voice actors! 

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    2. detConShin


      When I came to this wiki for the first time in 2015 I was rather surprised when I found out that this series had not been finished till now, and 3 days into detective Conan I realised that it was still a long way to completion. I really hope the ending is worth this waiting.

    3. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      when i watched it long ago on RTL II, a german program, it was back in 03 or 04 maybe earlier and was blown away by how great it was

      the first case i saw was mountain villa bandage man murder case

      so much fun

      and i returned to it like at the end of 2010, cause i started playing basketball outside and hanging out and kinda forgotten about it, till i saw movie 1 on RTL II by coincidence

      and then it was like 600+ episodes 

      i had hoped it would have ended by this time that time

      as far as the ending you mentioned

      you know when your mama sometimes makes you your special food but for some reason its delayed or you cant wait and when its served that you are not as enthusiastic about it or have the appetite for it like in the beginning

      thats what i think the end will feel like to me

      and its a darn shame

      i love watching the old ones

      but the new ones are repetitive and the new arc are just a bit polished  from the previous ones

      kir is the last great arc for me

      it concluded with clash of red and black


    4. detConShin


      Detective mangas are not supposed to be long just because the material is very difficult to prepare and after a while things do get repetitive. Quite frankly if Gosho would have wrapped everything up in 37 volumes or something by just doing the plot based cases, detective Conan might have gone down as one of the best Japanese mangas of all time. 

  9. Ok so here's the thing, Akemi was like 25 years old in the current timeline so if you're saying she killed Haneda Kohji you're basically saying that she was capable of killing at the age of 7.
  10. I asked out of curiosity. Anyways on the topic, the Kohji Haneda case has something to do with it and Akai clearly states that it was because of that case that he joined the FBI. The current Manga case is perhaps gonna reveal some more details about Akai and his family. If Akai does know about Mary's shrinking it would definitely be one of his motivations, but I am sure there is more to it. The Kohji Haneda case involved the second highest authority of the organisation.
  11. well that was because the FBI are conducting an illegal investigation, since they have not got the permission of the Japanese authorities. That does not mean that the FBI does not approve of this investigation, therefore the word "unofficial" creates ambiguity .
  12. Before going into anything else, how do you know that the FBI's search for the organisation is unofficial?
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