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  1. what i think is that she will die protecting conan in the final battle,, or something like that,, but she will die,,, and if that happenend i will.................. i just love her soooooooo much and cant think of DC without her,, but seriously she isnt paired with someone i mean he has no ending hinted yet, conan with ran, akai with jodie, kid with aoko,, but her ...... i really feel sorry for her,, and hope she will make it till the end,,,,
  2. uhmm guys sorry to distrub once again, does anyone knows where can i watch Detective Conan Movie 21, please if anyone does, just PM me,pretty please with a cherry on the top!
  3. i agree to this,, so who would make the first case,, (sorry for not replying earlier i forgot my password:))
  4. god i cant find any site on which i can c it,,, and i want to c it badly
  5. uhmm exuse me guys but does any one knows where can i watch detective conan tv special Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small??
  6. i grew up in UAE and just shifted to PK now
  7. please everyone if u cjoose other state the movie name.....
  8. i wish.....to go bck to UAE and live with my friends once again
  9. rowling's harry potter series rock!!! mysteries of sir Doyle are thrilling so i cant decide one
  10. hmmmm,,,looks like no body liked it. well i tried my best,,,,,,,
  11. HAIBARA......

    Urdu anyone?

    well mein shuru se diff lang sekhnay k shauq mein houn
  12. cant wait 2 c it it must be good,,,,why is momiji shown crying in the poster??????
  13. I was thinking that lets have a contest weekly i mean a case and everyone have to solve it the one who solves it irst and gives the best explanation with perfect evidence gains the title "HOLMES OF THE WEEK" and so every week we have a new case and a new winner
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