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  1. what i think is that she will die protecting conan in the final battle,, or something like that,, but she will die,,, and if that happenend i will.................. i just love her soooooooo much and cant think of DC without her,, but seriously she isnt paired with someone i mean he has no ending hinted yet, conan with ran, akai with jodie, kid with aoko,, but her ...... i really feel sorry for her,, and hope she will make it till the end,,,,
  2. uhmm guys sorry to distrub once again, does anyone knows where can i watch Detective Conan Movie 21, please if anyone does, just PM me,pretty please with a cherry on the top!
  3. i agree to this,, so who would make the first case,, (sorry for not replying earlier i forgot my password:))
  4. god i cant find any site on which i can c it,,, and i want to c it badly
  5. uhmm exuse me guys but does any one knows where can i watch detective conan tv special Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small??
  6. i grew up in UAE and just shifted to PK now
  7. please everyone if u cjoose other state the movie name.....
  8. i wish.....to go bck to UAE and live with my friends once again
  9. rowling's harry potter series rock!!! mysteries of sir Doyle are thrilling so i cant decide one
  10. i think my best friend is cheating on me
  11. hmmmm,,,looks like no body liked it. well i tried my best,,,,,,,
  12. well mein shuru se diff lang sekhnay k shauq mein houn
  13. cant wait 2 c it it must be good,,,,why is momiji shown crying in the poster??????
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