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  1. Wow this place has changed :o

  2. You're welcome, Jeckaan. :) I hope you enjoyed your special day!

  3. Misaki! \o/

    Thank you!

  4. Happy birthday Jecka :D

  5. Hey, happy 19th birthday! Hope you have a great day. :)

  6. Chellers!! \o/ *taking forever to reply again :P *

  7. Chellers!! \o/ *taking forever to reply again :P *

  8. So, I get the reason why Conan has to cameo, but does he really have to show up like that? XP

  9. Japanese Chatroom for Beginners!

    Hold on my lack of Kanji/memory stops me from understanding.... I've seen some of them before but I forgot how they're read Umm.... "*Someone*-san: *??* ni *kanji* dorobou-san。Boku,*Someone*-kun wa(learned that yesterday ) Kaitou Kiddo- [w]o *kanji* ma wa masu。" Translation: "*Someone*-san *???* thief-san. I, *someone*-kun am Kaitou Kid *????*" That's all I know
  10. hello

    Hi and welcome :-D