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There was once a young boy. He was a naive and a curious one. One fine day, the boy saw something happening. The boy ignored the situation and went away. Heartless was the other people's first impression. The boy was much smart, he knew he lacked the strength to make the wrong, right. The Devil was amused. Devil came in the boy's dream. You boy are a special human, said the Devil. Nothing special about me, I am a mere human with limitations, boy exclaimed. Devil smiled and said, a human who knows his limitation, also has the ability to surpass them, if you want power come to the dark cave on the mountain slope. I will be waiting.


Half an year passed. The boy was living his life the same before meeting the Devil. It was the same. He began to wonder how his life would be if he had accepted the Devil's offer. Slowly by slowly, boy got anxious. His own curiosity started feeding upon him. He felt like he was destined for it. He went to the dark cave. The Devil was waiting for him. Boy shouted, I want your strength. Of course, you do said the Devil. Although there is something you should know. Boy grew eager. Devil explained, I shall give you Power and this power shall rival that of Gods. Although in return you must give me your life. Unaware of the value of life, the boy agreed. Last thing you should know is that if this Power of yours, gets too strong for you to control, you shall turn into a beast. Boy made the deal with the Devil. Soon after the cave collapsed, trapping the Devil inside. Boy survived. Devil was nowhere to be seen, he tried to reach him but he wasnt there. Next day, even the cave had vanished. The boy everyone knew disappeared as well, never to be seen again.




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