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Azeta Pictures (アゼータ・ピクチャーズ Azēta Pikuchāzu?) is a Japanese animation studio used for outsourcing. This studio is involved in the production of some of the Detective Conan anime episodes.

The first participation of Azeta Pictures as production cooperation was not so promising. Yoshikatsu Inoue started as the animation director in episode 483. He contributed to loads of collapsed frames, and he also received that criticism when he was responsible for the 171st episode of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. After that, Michitaka Yamamoto took over the role of animation director. In 2008, Azeta Pictures also produced some episodes from Clash of Red and Black series. Two Korean animation directors were in charge, Sung Jin Lee and Ho Ryeol Park. After that, Koichiro Kuroda, the executive director of Azeta Pictures, began to participate regularly as episode director.

Some time after Koujin Ochi became a director, Ho Ryeol Park and Sung Jin Lee quit the production of Detective Conan anime. Like Studio Wanpack, Azeta Pictures was also involved in the production of the Murderer, Shinichi Kudo case, and was the production cooperation of episode 523. The quality also was not so high although it was Michitaka Yamamoto and Masashi Hasegawa being the animation directors. During the period, the animation director supervisor was not so common and this brought down the quality of Azeta Pictures's work. In 2011, Kiyotoshi Aoi and Katsumi Hashimoto became partners with Michitaka Yamamoto for only a short time, then Michitaka Yamamoto decided to work alone.

After 2012, the quality of their work had significantly raised thanks to Michitaka Yamamoto. However, starting 2013, there were four animation directors who joined the anime production: Shigeki Awai, Miori Nomura, Ryuta Imaizumi and Juri Saito. However, with more people, the quality eventually dropped, since it lead to the inconsistency of the style of drawing. In 2017, Shigenori Taniguchi partnered with Michitaka Yamamoto for Detective Conan production cooperation. In 2019, Kaoru Nagakawa was promoted to animation director, but just like Shigenori Taniguchi, she did not bring much improvements for Azeta Pictures either.

In 2020, Chiharu Mukai and tofu were promoted to animation director. They began to partner with Michitaka Yamamoto and Kaoru Nakagawa. Even so, the quality did not get any higher, and Mukai only worked in 3 episodes.

In mid 2022, Zi Dengjia was promoted to animation director, while Yosuke Fujino completely replaced Koichiro Kuroda as episode director for Azeta Pictures.

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