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Tatsuro Inamoto

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Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1982
Place of birth: Yamanashi, Japan
Location: Yamanashi, Japan
First name can also be written Tatsurou, Tatsuroh or Tatsurō.

Tatsuro Inamoto (稲本 達郎 Inamoto Tatsurō?), from Yamanashi, is a Japanese screenplay writer famous for his 2012 movie The Nameless Cross.


Inamoto graduated from Waseda University. After graduating, he debuted in the movie About Makoto Ohno (大野慎について) as screenwriter and director. Later on, he served as the screenwriter of stage drama Lie down under the tracks! (線路の下に横たわれ!)[1]. In 2009, he wrote his first anime script for an anime series Stitch! Big Adventure of Mischievous Alien (スティッチ!いたずらエイリアンの大冒険). He is currently working for the DIPREX Agency[2].

Style analysis

He joined the screenplay production of Detective Conan anime in 2014. In addition, the distinguishing feature of his scripts is the surprising story twists, and most of the plots are adventure-based, some of them also reflect social issues.

Scenarios written

Number of case scenarios written: 15 (15 episodes)

Other notable works


  • Chi's Sweet Adventure: Screenplay
  • Hajime no Ippo Rising (3 episodes): Screenplay
  • Lupin III (4 episodes): Screenplay
  • One Punch Man (5 episodes): Screenplay
  • Onihei (6 episodes): Screenplay
  • Stitch!: Itazura Alien no Daibōken (3 episodes): Screenplay
  • Supernatural: The Anime Series (4 episodes): Screenplay


  • Ōno Makoto ni tsuite (2007): Producer and Screenplay
  • The Nameless Cross (2012): Screenplay
  • Inu no yubiwa to korokke to (2012): Screenplay


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