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The Joke Card is a joke featured at the end of the episodes.

The Jokes have been provided with many different backgrounds.

Joke Card #1 (001-005)

Look forward the next episode
Joke 1.png
# Joke
001 Challenge me in the next episode, ok?
002 I wonder if I can win next time?
003 Next time, I have to solve a code.
004 The next episode is going to be very exciting!
005 Next time, there's only one truth!

Joke Card #2 (006-030)

Look forward the next episode
File:Joke 2.png
# Joke
006 The next case is going to be hard.
007 You'll fall back if you don't watch the next episode too.
008 The next episode also has a surprising trick to it!
009 In the next episode, there too only exists one truth.
010 The next episode is a 60-minute special. Keep watching!
011 The next one is quite strange.
012 The next one is quite a puzzler!
013 Try thinking of it from another angle next time!
014 Can you figure out the trick?
015 Finding the next criminal is going to be hard!
016 Next time, it's going to be a weird night at the department store.
017 It's going to be hard next time too.
018 Next time, it's another challenge between tricks and the criminal.
019 Next time is going to be a little scary... [Spooky sound]
020 Next time, it will have more fun than a drama.
021 ?

Joke Card #3 (031-052)

Joke Card #4 (053-070)

Joke Card #5 (071-179)

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