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Magic Kaito boss in the manga[edit]

This page says that the boss was "mentioned to exist in the manga" but I haven't found him anywhere! Who mentions him and when? I've not found anybody calling him "that person" too. Have you confused the manga with the anime? --Lombres (talk) 23:41, 26 July 2014 (CEST)

When the sub-boss talks to Snake in blue birthday, he mentions an ano kata. Page 18 and 19.

I've found the raws (this page, remove the link if it's not allowed to put links here) and it says "ano okata" (あのお方) on page 19 (524 in that website): I think it is "ano kata" with the honorific "o", isn't it? Anyway, I didn't know it because I'm Italian and there's a big mistake in the Italian official translation of the manga: it says "our buyer", as if the sub-boss had to sell the Blue Birthday to someone else who's not a member of the organization! In the English unofficial translations I couldn't find anything better than "him" (that's not correct, because in the Japanese version you can't understand if "ano okata" is a man or a wonan)
I've found out that the boss is mentioned in three further occasions:

  • in Blue Birthday, page 23 (528 in the raws website), Kid says kuromaku (黒幕), whose meaning you can find here. He's just talking about Snake's boss
  • in Green Dream, page 29 (563) Snake calls "boss" (ボス, Bosu) the person he's talking with on the phone
  • in Crystal Mother, page 7 (587) Snake calls ボス the person he's talking with on the phone again (there's a mistake in the Italian translation here too)

It's better if you write these things yourself because I've almost never edited here and I don't know where they should be written (and I would risk to write bad English too). I've signed up only to ask you these things because I have to write on the Italian Wikipedia. The "buyer" thing is now written on the Italian Wikipedia as if it was the truth, and it has been there for months! Thank you very much for everything --Lombres (talk) 22:10, 27 July 2014 (CEST)