List of characters who know Ai Haibara's identity

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Haibara and Sherry

Over the course of the series, 9 characters are confirmed to know that Ai Haibara is actually Shiho Miyano or Sherry. In their respective categories, characters are listed by the order they came to discover (or become suspicious of) Haibara's identity.


Hiroshi Agasa[edit]

Hiroshi Agasa.jpg

Ai Haibara revealed her true identity to Hiroshi Agasa at some point after he started adopting her.

Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa[edit]

Shinichi Kudo.jpg
Conan Edogawa.jpg

Ai Haibara told Conan Edogawa that she was a member from the Black Organization with the code name "Sherry", and also the creator of the drug that shrunk both of them. At first Conan didn't believe her words, but he was forced to take it seriously when she told him that she knew he was Shinichi Kudo, and that Hiroshi Agasa had been killed.[1] After finding out that Haibara was just joking about Agasa's death, he became much calmer and thought that she was just trying to scare him, but only to get a casual confirmation from Agasa about her identity.

Pisco (Deceased)[edit]


Pisco found out that Ai Haibara was Shiho Miyano because he remembered her appearance when she was young. He later compared it with the data in the Black Organization's database to confirm about her identity, and kidnapped her.[2] However, he was killed by Gin before he can reveal her whereabouts.

Heiji Hattori[edit]

Heiji Hattori.jpg

Conan revealed her identity to Heiji Hattori.

The Kudo Couple[edit]

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Yukiko Kudo.jpg

Conan revealed her identity to his parents, Yukiko Kudo and Yusaku Kudo.

Shuichi Akai/Subaru Okiya[edit]

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Subaru Okiya.jpg

Shuichi Akai figured out that Ai Haibara is Shiho Miyano sometime after he first noted her appearance in Contact with the Black Organization. In Secret of the Tohto Film Development Studio, Akai asks some FBI agents to surreptitiously photograph her. Akai then carries her photograph around in his truck in The Four Porsches case. He thinks aloud that her appearance is "too similar". It is confirmed that Akai had discovered Ai's true identity by the Showdown with Vermouth. Akai remarks that he is not willing to confront Haibara yet. Since the fake child identity "Ai Haibara" came into existence only very recently and had no direct interaction with Akai, he must have reasons related to his past with Shiho for him to feel unwilling to speak with her. It is uncertain whether he has told other FBI agents about this information.



Vermouth figured out that Ai Haibara is Shiho Miyano; however, she has never revealed this to any other member in the Black Organization, except maybe Calvados whom she called out to help her kill Jodie. The time when Vermouth finds out Haibara is Shiho is unclear as the office scenes with Sherry's photograph chronologically occur much earlier than the cases they are shown in.[3] Vermouth must have discovered Ai's identity between Reunion with the Black Organization and Mistaken Detectives, when she took over Araide's identity to join Teitan Elementary to get close to Haibara and switched Araide from the basketball club to the drama club.

It's entirely possible that Vermouth discovered Ai's identity in the middle of Reunion with the Black Organization. After that case, Vermouth says she wants to stay in Japan for a while because she had "something unsettling in her mind". If this is the case, the office scenes must have been a parallel construction charade to draw out the FBI agents she knew had followed her and bugged her office. She also lied during the showdown when she claimed that she had acted those scenes out because she wanted the FBI to find the girl for her. She already knew where Shiho was, but had to hide from the FBI the fact that she could instantly identify people who have been shrunken because she is aware that de-aging is possible.

Calvados (Deceased)[edit]


Calvados witnessed Vermouth calling her "Sherry".[4] He later committed suicide before he could tell anyone else about this.


Lupin III Cast[edit]

Curaçao (Deceased)[edit]

M20 odd eyes woman.jpg

As Curaçao is trying to flee from the Black Organization, she encounters Ai Haibara who has come to rescue the Detective Boys. She saves Haibara as the latter is about to fall to her death and quickly figures out that she's in fact Sherry, the scientist who betrayed the organization. However, instead of killing Haibara or bringing her back to the men in black, she asks Haibara to escape with her. When she becomes aware that the Detective Boys was trapped in the ferris wheel, she draw herself a target of gunfire, allowing Haibara to rescue the Detective Boys. She later crashed the crane truck to the rolling ferris wheel, stopping it, but also causing it to crush to her death.


Jodie Starling[edit]

Jodie Starling.jpg

Jodie Starling calls her "Sherry" at times but it is uncertain whether she actually knows about her de-aged state, or that she was once a member from the Black Organization.

James Black[edit]

James Black.jpg

James Black calls her "Sherry" at times but it is uncertain whether he actually knows about her de-aged state, or that she was once a member from the Black Organization.

Masumi Sera[edit]

Masumi Sera.jpg

Masumi Sera shows a mysterious interest in Ai Haibara. She somehow found out about Haibara's reflection on an online video that cannot be easily discovered. She later deleted an image from this video, commenting: "Deletion. For data at least... is an easy task to accomplish."[5] She once asked Ran and Sonoko some information about Haibara[6], and also seemed to recognize Shiho Miyano from the video that Mitsuhiko filmed.[7] However, how much she knows about Haibara is still unknown, and it's still uncertain whether she has actually figured out about her identity.

After Shinichi's Kyoto trip, Masumi is aware that there is a method turning Conan to the original body, but she hasn't discovered that Sherry is the creator of such antidote.

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