Kazunari Kouchi

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Kazunari Kouchi

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Gender: Male
Date of birth: January 18, 1956
Date of death: July 18, 2016

Kazunari Kouchi (古内 一成 Kouchi Kazunari?, January 18, 1956–July 18, 2016) is a Japanese screenplay writer. He is best known for his work on episodes of the anime Detective Conan, and for writing and producing most of the movies released before his retirement in 2014.

In 2016, he died of pancreatic cancer.

Detective Conan Anime

Number of case scenarios written : 36 (42 episodes)

Scenarios Adapted from the Manga

Number of manga cases adapted to anime : 12 (26 episodes)


Number of OVAs written : 12

Magic files

Number of Magic files written : 5

Specials and Short Stories

Number of Short Stories adapted : 6

Number of Specials Written : 2

Detective Conan Movies

Kazunari Kouchi is credited as the lead writer in the following Detective Conan films: