Successors to The Legacy

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Chapter 1081

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Title: Successors to The Legacy
Japanese title: 遺志を継ぐ者
(Ishi o Tsugumono)
Original release: October 27th, 2021
Shōnen Sunday issue: #48/2021
Volume: 102
Pages: 16
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Successors to The Legacy (遺志を継ぐ者 Ishi o Tsugumono?) is the 1081st chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #48/2021 on October 27, 2021 and has been published as part of Volume 102 on September 15, 2022.







Miwako Sato returns to Café Poirot to meet with the group. It seems that their plan has failed, since while Sato was chasing the accomplice, they mingled in a crowd and escaped. Conan reveals that even though Alain is safe, there is one more kidnapped kid. The reason why Alain never ran away even though the car wasn't locked was because the kidnapper told him that he would hurt the other captive if he escaped. The other captive is in fact Yuji Inukai, the friend with whom Alain was playing in the park a year ago when he was kidnapped. Since Yuji was just transferred and his parents moved to another city, his disappearance was filed in another city and thus wasn't recorded as part of the Cassel kidnapping case. The group tries to ask Alain for possible clues about his location. The young boy reveals that there is a radio program he would hear every time, the "Road Traffic News" from Nichiuri Radio. Since the report would start when they leave with the car, it would mean that since the program lasts 30 minutes, then the location where Yuji is must be 30 minutes away from Café Poirot. Conan then sends Sato, Takagi and Amuro on three different possible routes that would lead them 30 minutes away from the Café. While the three are on the road, Conan keeps asking questions to Alain. Alain reveals that the building they were in has an elevator and is five-storey high. Each time they used the elevator, they would go to the top floor then go down a few floors. Using this clue, Conan deduces that he must have been on either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor. Alain continues by saying that he could see the dawn and sunset from the window and that there was a building nearby with a pool on the top. This thus meant that he would be in a corner room on the fourth floor, since only from corner rooms would the dawn and sunset be seen and the only way to see the rooftop pools of the building (which was most likely an elementary school), which is usually on the third floor of a school building, he would have to be on the fourth floor. Since there are a lot of elementary schools in their areas, the three detectives, who are on a call with Conan and Detectives Boys, ask Alain if there was any particular element of the scenery that he could see. He says that he could see a brown silo with a crescent on top, which they figure out is in fact a Turkish restaurant in Toriya City (the restaurant is shaped like a castle and is brown, the silo would be the towers, and the crescent pointed to the flag of Turkey). Detective Takagi is the nearest to the restaurant and he decides to head to a five-storey building near the restaurant. Sato also warns him to not do anything careless, but Takagi remembers Date's words about "making him a man". Takagi climbs up the stairs, but barely misses the accomplice and Inukai. He runs back down and stops the kidnapper. He devises a plan by himself and tells the accomplice that he has killed Natsufusa Kidou by himself. This enrages the kidnapper, who lets go of Inukai and picks a fight with Takagi. The scene later shifts to Sato putting a band-aid on Takagi, while the kidnapper gets taken away by the police. Sato asks him why he didn't listen to her, but he says it was the only way for him to make the kidnapper let go of the boy. Sato then looks behind her and notices Amuro staring at her Mazda RX-7. Both then remember their encounter from 7 years ago at the Police Academy, but Amuro feigns ignorance. A second police car arrives at the scene, with Alain reuniting with his Japanese friend. Inspector Megure then comes out of the car with Jean Cassel, Alain's brother, who wants to thank Takagi. He gives a pack of toothpicks to Takagi, saying that this is a gift for the other detective, the one who liked toothpicks (Wataru Date). Takagi accepts the gift, remembering that scene from last year with Date, where they promised to help Jean find his missing brother. The chapter ends with Amuro rolling away with his RX-7, a toothpick in his mouth.



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