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Chapter 1084

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Title: Micchan's House
Japanese title: ミッちゃんのお家
(Micchan no Ouchi)
Original release: December 22nd, 2021
Shōnen Sunday issue: #4-5/2022
Volume: 102
Pages: 16
Anime adaptation: Episode 1124: The Body on the Gunma-Nagano Border (Part 2)
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Micchan's House (ミッちゃんのお家 Micchan no Ouchi?) is the 1084th chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #4-5/2022 on December 22, 2021 and has been published as part of Volume 102 on September 15, 2022.







The police group and the Mouris decide to gather the suspects in the parking lot where the murder took place. The suspects ask why they have been brought to where Tsukishima's body was and Yamamura resumes the previous events that happened and led to the murder. He concludes that the culprit is among the three of them. The three suspects then proceed to recant their alibis. Inspector Yamato confirms the alibi of Hanayama, as the room service employee confirmed having heard his voice, as well as the alibi of Hoshikawa, since her friends confirmed that she was there throughout the whole meeting. This leaves Yumi Nakata as the culprit. She tries to defend herself by saying that she opened the curtains and that her silhouette could be seen from the window, but Yamato presses a button and reenacts the same scene. The two others try to defend Yumi by saying that the police probably called someone to the room, but Morofushi interrupts them with a quote from Liu Bei:

Do you not understand that the plans elaborated in a little chamber decide success over thousands of miles away?

Taka'aki Morofushi, original saying from Liu Bei to Zhang Fei when he complains about Zhuge Liang staying home when the others fight[1].

While Ran looks at him out of excitement because of his quote, Morofushi continues attacking Nakata by saying that she probably already knew the trick involved, since she wasn't impressed. Conan explains that she first put a cloth on the ring light and twisted the top to make a hair bun and placed the ring light on top of the small suitcase that stood on the coffee table next to the window. The shape created by the cloth over the ring light and the suitcase would make it look like her from afar, since it would be too dark to distinguish any facial features. Pulling the curtain remotely was done by attaching a string to the innermost end of the curtain and attaching it to a cellphone placed on the table. She would then call the phone, which would ring and fall from the table, thus pulling the curtain and opening it. Conan then hides how he knew the trick by asking Kogoro to confirm it, while also asking what was the quote Morofushi said about. Ran explains the context of the saying and says that the opposite happened in this murder case, since the culprit was on the "battlefield" and controlled the "little chamber" remotely, all the while with Yui noting how knowledgeable she was about historical quotes. Nakata refuses to give and yells at the police to show her evidence that she did the crime. Yamato shows her the evidence by asking Yui to undo her hair bun, revealing her long hair. The bathhouse picture Conan found in her room showed her with shoulder-length hair, and it would be impossible for her to tie a hair bun with the amount of hair she had. This meant that the thickness of the hair bun was made by hiding something in it. Yui then unties Nakata's hair bun, and a wrist strap with weights falls down. With some investigating, blood traces would definitely turn up. When Yui asks her why she didn't throw it away, she says that it was the wrist strap Chizu gave her as a token of gratitude. She also reveals her motive to be the car crash from five years ago where Chizu's mother died. When Nakata ran back to their van to shelter Chizu, the other three had an argument sparked by the fact that Tsukishima wanted to film the rescue to promote himself and the car ended up falling with the mother still inside it, the three having wasted their time arguing. In the end, Chizu found out about it when she searched Tsukishima's PC at his apartment while they were having her birthday party there. She showed the footage to Tsukishima, who had an argument with her, which ended in Chizu falling down the stairs. Nakata decided to avenge Chizu and her mother by calling Tsukishima and beating him to death with Chizu's keepsake. She also invited Hoshikawa and Hanayama to make them suspects, as they also took part in that fatal argument. She continues by saying that she probably shouldn't have used the wrist strap, but is interrupted by Morofushi, who says that she would have still been suspected anyways.

Tsukishima's pose as he died.
The dying message left by Tsukishima.

After all, Tsukishima left a dying message with his body. His pose, by opening his mouth, showing his watch buckle, holding his belt buckle and crossing his feets in an X shape, all had a goal. The four elements were in fact spelling the symbols 口, 目, 目 and X. Since he was on the line of the border, the line should strike through the four symbols, creating the kanjis for her name: 中, 田, 由 and 水. Yamato also says that her crime would have never worked, just like the name of the channel they hosted five years ago, "Beautiful Mirage", as a perfect crime is just a mirage. After the crime is solved, Yamamura asks why was the hideout called his house. Conan explains that the same thing happened with the entrance sign (入り口). Since it one of the nails fell off, it stood vertically in the middle of the border and since the character for mouth (口) had its sides wearing off, it would look like the characters 入り二 vertically. If the line of the border stroke through it, it would create the katakana for Misao, Yamamura's first name (ミサオ). Thus, the hideout would be Misao's house. Yamamura also says that he received a letter about five or six years ago with no sender name saying "I'm going to your house". Yamamura said that he did wait at his house, but he never saw anybody. Morofushi deduces that what was meant was in fact the hideout. The group decide to head there. At the hideout, Yamamura comments about how it used to seem big when they were young, but that it is indeed pretty small. Morofushi asks him to take off the entrance sign so it would be vertical and spell Misao with the line of the border going through it. By taking off the sign, it revealed a message carved on the doorframe by Hiromitsu:

Micchan, I became a police officer too! Hiromitsu

Hiromitsu Morofushi, 5-6 years ago.

Yamamura remembers the time he had with Hiromitsu and is saddened by the fact that Hiromitsu is not in the force anymore[2]. A little further away from Yamamura and Morofushi, Yamato comments on Yui's untied hair saying that now that she has it untied, she should try different hairstyles from time to time. Yui gets confused, not knowing Yamato's true intentions and Kogoro and Ran suggests that she try out a ponytail or short hair, confusing Yui even more. Back at Yamamura, Morofushi quotes Confucius to reassure him:

[Shan,] my Way is penetrated by a single thread.

Taka'aki Morofushi, omitting the first word from the original quote from Confucius to Zengzi[3].

The quote means to "pursue one's belief with great conviction". Morofushi further explains that his brother must not have left but instead went on to become a PSB agent and that would be why he was forced to cut all contacts and why he could only leave the carved message on the lintel. Yamamura cheers up and says that Hiromitsu must be surely somewhere out there on the path of justice. The chapter ends with Conan looking at them from afar.




  • Even though the case happened between the two prefectures, it seems that the Nagano Prefecture ended taking on the case, as the culprit is taken away in police car of the Nagano Prefectural Police.


The Body on the Gunma-Nagano Border (episodes 1123-1124)

  • Some original scenes and dialogues are added:
  • The mother and her son at the beginning has additional dialogues in the anime after parting away with Kogoro.
  • Yamamura, Yamaoto, and Yui's meeting during the events in The Raven Chaser is directly shown with scenes from the movie, (albeit redrawn) instead of being vague.
  • The anime add more flashback scenes of younger Hiro and Yamamura.
  • The reaction of Komei, Yamato, and Yui after Yamamura suggests that Joshu soba is better.
  • Kogoro saying that he need to loosen his belt and tie after eating soba.
  • Some scenes are not adapted:
  • Ran suggests that they go to one of the restaurants with high star rating.
  • Conan asking who Kogoro is going to ask for food recommendation.
  • Kogoro's monologue after Yamamura finishes his call.
  • The scene when the culprit hit the victim for the third time.
  • Senta saying that almost all streamers want to make themselves look better, after Kogoro asking that he brought a ring light.
  • Senta mentioning his words when he was talking to the hotel staff through the door.
  • Yamamura imagining what Kazuki was thinking while waiting at the parking lot.
  • Conan asking Kogoro if his explanation about the trick is right.
  • In the manga, the photograph of Hiro and Yamamura is shown to have outline, which indicate that Yamamura took a picture of the photograph. In the anime, the outline is not shown.
  • In the manga, Ran's monologue about Liu Bei's famous line is only said from her heart. In the anime, she says it out loud.

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  2. ^ He does not know the true reason why Hiromitsu left, which is because he died.
  3. ^ Analects of Confucius, chapter 4, verse 15.
Volume 102