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Chapter 1100

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Title: Concealment
Japanese title: 煙滅
Original release: September 28th, 2022
Shōnen Sunday issue: #44/2022
Volume: 103
Pages: 16
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Concealment (煙滅 Enmetsu?) is the 1100th chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #44/2022 on September 28, 2022 and has been published as part of Volume 103 on April 12, 2023.



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    The chapter starts with a flash-forward : Conan is confronted to two Azusas after Kid disguised as one of them and doesn't know which one of them to knock-out with his wrist-watch, all the while with Amuro still on the other side of the phone call he hadn't ended. The story then comes back to the present, with an announcer reporting on the exhibit of the world famous Siren Splash at the Kinza Suzuki Building, with the crowd of Kid fans cheering behind. Conan stares at the announcer with the skateboard on his back, commenting about her cheesy lines. Ran catches up to him and asks him to follow her since Sonoko has arrived and will lead them in the building. After riding the elevator, the group gets to the top floor completely flooded with Nakamori's riot squad.

    Coincidentally, the girls and Conan meets Azusa, who informs them that she is there since she and Amuro are delivering sandwiches to the riot guards at the event. Azusa leans down to Conan and asks him if he is ready to catch Kid, and as he replies, he notices a stain on her right shoulder. Azusa says that it was probably some spilt ketchup, but Conan is not convinced, as it is a darker shade of red. She also tells them about the new security measure installed, a special metal passage that leads to the jewel : The "Fujin Road". To pass, one has to crouch and cross to the other side while fighting with incredibly strong winds created by it. While crossing the contraption with the group, Jirokichi says that it was all done to prevent Kid from using the Card Gun.

    On the other side, they meet the curator Seria Andou, who resumes the facts about the security, including that since there is a grate blocking the main gate, the only way in is by the "Fujin Road". Also, when the crown is lifted, lasers appear at each entrance of the "Fujin Road", blocking access to anyone. Inspector Nakamori, also present, expresses his concerns about if Kid causes a blackout, to which Andou replies that the power to that room is generated separately, so there should not be any issues. Then are introduced experts Chikayo Chuujou and Bunji Karino, who both analyze the jewel by their own ways, Chuujou with her pocket-watch gimmick and Karino by pushing a bit of air from his spray can. Conan's stomach starts growling, and Ran proposes to him and Sonoko to go eat out at the cafeteria.

    While eating their sandwiches given from café Poirot, Kanenori Wakita comes and greets them, saying that he had a delivery in the building. He also brings Conan to his side to have a private talk about Rumi Wakasa, who he finds suspicious, prompting the latter to remember about the previous case, where her hands got bruises (Conan doesn't know that she fought the bandits). Conan reassures Wakita that Wakasa is just a normal person and the three leave Wakita alone since it is almost time for the heist. While alone, Wakita talks to himself, with his real appearance in background.

    Suddenly, the lights go out and smoke bombs are thrown through the room. Kaitou Kid suddenly appears and does a countdown after which the crown disappears. How did he do that...



    • The Popular Girl of Class 6-A (Manga: 1072) : Flashback to Wakasa spying on Kanenori Wakita and him staring back at her.
    • Fall Back (Manga: 1099) : Flashback to Wakasa's dirty hands after fighting the mob, as well as Wakasa reassuring Ayumi.


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