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Chapter 1101

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Title: Investigation
Japanese title: 捜索
Original release: October 5th, 2022
Shōnen Sunday issue: #45/2022
Volume: 103
Pages: 16
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Investigation (捜索 Sōsaku?) is the 1101st chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #45/2022 on October 8, 2022 and has been published as part of Volume 103 on April 12, 2023.



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Outside the building, the crowd is cheering on Kaitou Kid. Meanwhile, the group is confronted to the Phantom Thief standing right next to the empty slot where the crown was. Conan yells at him, saying that since the sensor didn't ring, then the crown must still be in the slot and that Kid must have put some cloth over it, but the latter dispels Conan's accusations by waving his hands inside the slot. He then says that since he made the crown vanish, he will then disappear as well, and throws a smoke bomb. After the smoke dissipates, he is nowhere to be seen in the room.

While Nakamori comments on Kid's escape, Jirokichi asks Andou whether the power supply was cut, to which she replies by the affirmative. She nevertheless adds that the Fuujin Road was still working the entire time, since its power was supplied separately and confirms through Ran and Sonoko that the wind was still blowing when Kid was there. Nakamori then checks with the two guards on the other side of the contraption, who answer that the wind was always working and that the lights in the passage always stayed on. Since no one came out of the Fuujin Road, Jirokichi comes to the conclusion that Kid is still in the room. Nakamori tries his "pinching people's cheeks" test on Chuujou, Karino and Andou, but they all refuse, Chuujou claiming that it hurts since she is so old and Karino saying that he just had rhinoplasty recently. Karino also continues by saying that Kid's top hat cannot be concealed this easily, but is contradicted by Conan, who says Kid likely had a compressible opera hat, and Andou adds that the crown can be hidden by being wrapped around the thigh. Nakamori thus asks for a body check, which is done separately by each gender. With the crowd still chanting outside, the body search is completed with no success regarding Kid and the crown. Nakamori then approaches the empty slot, but is interrupted by Karino, who says that manager Andou is suspicious, since she is wearing a different jacket from the one she had earlier in the day. She then explains the backstory to her changing clothes : She first met the two appraisers, and at the same time saw the food delivery from Café Poirot's Amuro and Azusa, and decided to have lunch with the two others to discuss about the artifact. When she opened the ketchup to try to dislodge it, it exploded, resulting in Andou, the appraisers and Azusa getting splashed on with the liquid. Thus, she had to change clothes. Nakamori then interrogates Karino about the incident, and he replies by saying that he also got some, so he had to go to the restroom to dry the clothes on him, which were the only ones he brought. Chuujou says she also had to change, but it took some time since she couldn't see well, thus making the appraisal starting later. Conan then analyzes the situation by himself and remembers that the ketchup was a lighter shade of red on Azusa, which meant that baking soda was likely put inside to cause an explosion when the bottle was opened. Kid would have likely passed the bottle to Andou disguised as a riot guard earlier.

Meanwhile, at Café Poirot, Amuro gets to the same conclusion as Conan from Azusa's retelling of the events and says that even if she didn't see the guards doing anything suspicious, that Kid would have used a thumb tip to hide the chemicals and that he would have simply taking it off from his actual thumb when introducing it inside. Azusa panicks from realizing the truth and heads towards Suzuki Building Kinza, even if Amuro tries to stop her, thinking that Conan who is there can solve it by himself.

The police outside Suzuki Building ask the crowd to leave, after noting that Kid had left. Conan thinks otherwise, and observes the three likely suspects, standing together in the middle of the room. Andou comments on Karino's legs that seemingly got longer, while Karino asks why Chuujou's beanie is different. The latter replies that she flipped inside out, since the ketchup ruined the outside. With this, Conan figures out the identity of the culprit, but still, how is Kid going to escape with the crown !?



  • Concealment (Manga: 1100) : Flashback to the introduction of the three suspects.


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