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I asked my teacher when the paper we've been working on is due because despite getting it assigned a week ago we were never given a due date and when I asked about it today I just, , , "Well, technically it's due today at the end of class but I'll accept it late up until the 20th"




I only have the introductory paragraph and first sentence of the second paragraph written

I don't even know what this teacher's formatting standards are

do I double space it??? do I need a works cited??? ? ??  what about listing the course and teacher name in the corner--do I need to do that? ? ? ?? ? ? THIS RUBRIC IS VERY VAGUE AND NOT CLEAR HWO AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THE PEER EDIT POINTS NOW IF IM THE FARTHEST ONE BEHIND IN A CLASS WITH AN ODD NUMBER OF PEOPLE

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I just totaled nearly 8 hours worth of tennis since Monday

...and with more to come in the upcoming days.


I'm exhausted right now, but thank goodness I don't have any more tests this week.



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There are few worse feelings than eating (or drinking something in my case) and immediately regretting it and feeling sick tumblr_m42rjxA1qA1r58lid.png

damn you lactose intolerance

I just wanted to dip my oreos in my milk

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correction: remembering you have homework and test retake tomorrow you can't miss whilst lying in the fetal position due to stomach cramps is much worse than just immediately regretting eating something 


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