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  1. Dear anonymous, Consider you as someone close to me,as my family,and now you give excuses. It make me more sad and angry. Thinking why I didn't left this place. How many times I helped you? Oh yeah this don't count because we are online. I think this is the last thing to tell you. Signed,online sis.
  2. The white queen(The cousin's war) by philippa gregory
  3. Girl Online-Zoe Sugg Penny has a secret blog with the Online Girl Nickname where she writes everything that happens in her day-to-day venting their innermost feelings! But to be a very shy girl and you think well '' strange '' she prefers to remain anonymous blog. The only person who knows of the existence of your blog is Elliot, his best childhood friend who also earns a nickname in Wiki blog posts. (Wiki Wikipedia! The guy knows everything!) Penny, begins to have panic attacks since suffering a car accident with her parents, and it starts to bother enough. And when things start to go bad to worse her family takes her to New York where she meets Noah<3___<3, (the most bizarre way possible) a beautiful face, and she seems to have much in common. Suddenly Penny realizes that falling in love, and writes every moment of this history in her blog, anonymously. Only Noah also has a secret, a secret that could end up with Penny disguise forever! If I showed my book, I think would be surprised with the amount of post-it that I used in the first few pages! In the first few pages I thought the book would be an ordinary book of '' teenage sweetheart '' (That's been my favorite at the moment!) But when I came halfway through the book, completely changed my opinion. I loved how the author handles making us think of several things that can fit to be the secret of Noah, and I confess to you that I thought everything exactly everything but what it really was. I confess I'm in love with Noah, he is the sweetest person on earth! And even more in love with Elliot, I laugh a lot.. The book deals with the subject of homosexuality, shows how homosexuals suffer oppression and prejudice even inside the house. (Elliot suffers problems for being homosexual, and his father did not accept) Insecurity and acceptance, Penny was a super person insecure about her appearance, hated his hair and his freckles until she meets Noah and begins to see differently. (I wont give Spoiler) Finally, as people in special friendships should be exactly selected, after as Girl Online says, there comes a time that some friends no longer serve us! I loved the book, and I'm looking forward to the next \o/
  4. Woah +1 yeah I know it is difficult,but look like a pro NICE DRAW <3
  5. "When someone say: 'Kill me'.. Indeed that person are asking for help,and crying inside.. Wishing to be free .. Is the same as Heal me"
  6. Dear anonymous, She comes and go. And you lie. Such liar. All of you. I do prefer the truth than to ask for everyone about your lie. Signed, Hope you read this! ________ Dear Blue eyes, You was the best,and good. I wish never meet any person than you. But happened much stuffs and I can see the jerk/stupid side of anyone. Signed,me
  7. "Who speak with reason,they think crazy who listens to the heart " ~ me
  8. Awesome.... I mean ... Awesome .. It will never end xD lol Conan will want to revenge and? He will be happy? It will make Ran alive [/s] again ? Nope. :3 It's cool end story 1+
  9. ^Lol I don't like when people challenge me. Cause in the end,I do accept it.
  10. Dear Pain, Go away Thank you. Signed,me.
  11. I wonder if I'll travel again.
  12. People who think that knows everything but they don't. :/
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