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  1. @Raki Omg legitt all my friends are heathens take it slow --- Stand By Me from Boys Over Flowers still can't get over that drama
  2. Once you can't feel love, you die. Even if your body still walks
  3. "The only thing I have to do in life is die. Everything else is a choice..including breathing"- G-Dragon
  4. Sexism gender roles are stupid and I can't stand when people say "girls can't play football, that's not right" smh this is cheesy but still oh and homophobic people who hates gay people so much they kill them. the Orlando nightclub shooting proves just how messed up people can be
  5. Yeah, he's old tho Is part of the phandom/phanmily
  6. 21 pilots on a seesaw

    1. Kitty Paw

      Kitty Paw

      Ahh, I love them. Have you listened to Truce? I say the lyrics to my friends that have started cutting and in depression. It gives me the feels ;-;

    2. Kitty Paw

      Kitty Paw

      Listen to Melanie Martinez if you don't already lol, she's awesome

  7. "Why should I apologize for being a monster? Has anyone ever apologized for turning me into one?" - Suzuya Juuzou
  8. Stars War: The Force Awakens This might be the first Star Wars movie I've watched in my whole life >.<
  9. I'm very anti social and I won't talk to you unless you talk to me first
  10. Haha, maybe. My dog's pretty old. 12, turning 13 soon. (Your cat is so cute tho omg)I feel like this is just a spam thread..
  11. Banned for not banning Kid the Phantom Thief and instead just putting a happy face
  12. I really want a cat..except my parents wouldn't cooperateAnd neither does my dog..
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