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  1. Suddenly, I thought of somebody. Hmm, who could it be..?

  2. Finally was able to reset my password after what, four or five years?

    1. Magic Kaito.

      Magic Kaito.

      o:  Welcome Baaaaaack !!! WB_zpsq5ecxcfn.png

  3. Hey there. :) Happy Birthday.

    1. Balthazar Manfredie
    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Why'd you thank her? :P

      Why am I replying to this?

  4. Happy Birthday! :D

  5. Love! Everybody deserves love, especially Somebody like you! Hahaha.

  6. ^Same here Grabe,15 pa lang ako at napaka-immature nang una akong sumali sa site na to Tapos ngayon malapit na akong mag-18 at malapit na ring maging ganap na guro. Major milestone talaga sa buhay ko ang DCW. <3 How about you, guys? Kamusta? Tao po! May tao pa ba rito?
  7. Faye-cha, kakaiba naman yang mga pairing na gusto mo..
  8. Aww... Die-hard KaiFem!Shin shipper ako, eh...
  9. Ayos lang.. WEWEWEWEW nakakabaliw 4th grading =.=

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