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  1. today i watched a website that called my atention, amnesty international.
  2. besides, the Hina girl knows Ran. Hmmm... ¡I smell a new character! according to chiba, he said that the UFO magazine editor and the contributor had a conversation hald year ago, and my deduction is that the contributor murdered the editor i don't know how, and has something to do with their company or something else. in short the contributor is the main suspect of the case, and that "nonsense" it's just an excuse, nd the footprints are male ones due to their size, we'll see the investigation next week, but i'm prety sure it's something like that.
  3. gosho aoyama never uses juvenile murderers, usually murderers are between 20 and to up 70 years old, the culprit must be yusuke kuchiki, hina-chan it's just an eyewitness. well it's my deduction, but makes a lot of sense.
  4. Howdy i'm albert and i'm spanish i love detective conan.
  5. Ran mouri is more sentimental than shinichi kudo, kogoro mouri and jugo yokomizo, I really love her. :wub: :wub: :wub:
  6. I hate shinichi kudo, kogoro mouri and jugo yokomizo for being serious, unjust and harsh towards everyone repentance and feelings, I really fucking hate them. :angry: :angry: :angry2: ps: unless they sometime change their expresion, but that will never happen.
  7. As I readed replies about sympathetic culprits of DC, I noticed something, some replies say they're black (evil) characters, while other replies say they're White (good, but misguided) characters, and that makes sympathetic culprits grey (morally ambiguous) characters. ¡Come on! they're not black and neither White characters... ¡they're just grey characters, and their motives are grey as well!
  8. according to tvtropes, all of the sympathetic culprits are grey characters due to their moral ambiguity, so it's no wonder why some people think they're bad guys and some people think they're good guys.
  9. the characters that i feel sorry are: chiharu shirakawa yasuko kawakami mizuki tachibana miki kitagawa juri himuro miyuki hyuuga mitsuru higaki hitomi mari terehara noriko imai natsuki sakai natsuki koshimizu shouko hisazu kimie shimabukuro hatsuho hojo kotone momozono haruka tendo yukiko mori rumi shimizu.
  10. i think the characters that get in my nerves are conan and kogoro because they instead of believing in the repentance of the culprits, they read their morals harshly, and that makes me to nearly hate those two.
  11. like hobgoblin i believe in remorse, but that doesn't mean i'm like them, i'm just saying repentance is a virtue that helps a lot.
  12. you're the best drawer ever. ^_^
  13. in my personal opinión and point of view 95% of the murderers feel grief and remorse about their flaws, while the other 5% are despicable freaks that have fun killing and tried to kill intentionally theprotagonists.
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