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  1. Hey hey evil insurance collector! Happy birthday! I'm sure astra and Prem would do that too~!

  2. I made it till the end of your spoiler boxes.. :')

  3. My grandma compares me to a character in one of the Turkish series she follows, who is careless and doesn't give a damn about anything.
  4. Might spoil it a little bit but it's just a tiny bit. Inspector Greg Lestrade says "I think Sherlock is a great man and one day, if we're very, very lucky, he might be a good one.". Kind of unrelated if you don't get what I mean but it's great. Just in case you ask if it is something else: Marvelous, Splendid, Remarkable, Stunning, Excellent, Wonderful, Worth it, Genius etc. etc.
  5. 318MB (A Study in Pink). The magic of PutLocker. There's a ton of mirrors and there's no way everyone of them would lag.
  6. C'mon mate. Just watch it online. If I were to buy every show I want to watch I would, yes, buy it but unfortunately amazing shows will sooner reach the moon than me over here. All people sell here are Tom & Jerry, Snow White and other crap for kids I used to watch when I was one. I'm limited to most of the foreign author books due to my age. Hence, I have to watch/read them all online. It feels good for the wallet for you readers, but it's really not good for the eyes.
  7. Thanks a lot for showing me this show. It's amazing, no other way to describe it. The first two season's were the best, the third kinda sucked. I started watching it since I saw this post and am addicted. I wish Merrrry(Mary) goes away on the fourth season, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson for the win.
  8. Welcome! It'd be best if you wouldn't waste your breath (or time) by asking or complaining about the subs. They won't rush, they will just give some more appreciation to themselves and explained how hard it is to sub, the subbers. Hope you have fun and once again, welcome.
  9. No. It's on movie 2. If you mean the one where she gets taken hostage and Mouri scrates her leg with a bullet. (how sweet...) But I doubt there will be any other stories to how they broke up, since they would contradict each-other and that wouldn't make much sense. He might have saved her many more times I can't even remember... So yeah... Her leaving his her gratitude, in a nutshell. After Mouri resigned his job from the police and took the anger out on Eri, his dear wife helps him on of his worst days of a lifetime as gratitude to saviour and consideration as to him her love interest for many years now, by dumping him. (how considerate...) I won't continue the discussion of drunks since I'm probably still too young to make any straight decision about my opinion on them. Oh they find it charming indeed. Taking a close picture with an elder "celebrity" just to mock them after his the most they seem to be interested into. Even the attorney that wanted to raise suspicion of love between her and Mouri, didn't really love him. None except from Eri really does... If they put a red nose on his face, he'd then fit their purpose.
  10. Would Gin dare to point a gun at him? Would he be careless enough to leave fingerprints in Itakura's case?
  11. ‚ÄčIt's a small amount, but great generosity to donate the money.
  12. An adult should obviously know that nobody appreciates a drunk next to them, even the less, a sexual maniac who flirts with young girls on his forties. Ran has to watch after him as if he was her little brother. I really don't understand people like Mouri. They should know where to stop or what to stop, but they really can't be helped. They're not in an age to learn what's wrong and what's right. The likely reason behind that is that Kogoro left her and insulted her cooking, blah, blah. Hence a little fight, childhood sweethearts happily married for many years, separated. And since Eri is the one that went, Kogoro should be the one to get her back. Well, this is just women. They mostly think they're some prize, having which is such a great privilege.
  13. Many people search for images of detective conan. Wikipedia, although it doesn't contain the same amount of information as our wiki, it's more popular.
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