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  1. Cause If you watch she is interested in shinchi and it kinda looks like her
  2. In case you were looking for your topic, I moved it to the anime board where more people would see it. http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/forum/7-anime-series/

  3. If You Seen Kaito Kid Episode 7 You Seen Ending 43 That Little Girl Should She Be Added To The Series Because I Would Love It The Fight Between Her And Ayumi Would Be Funny Them Dragging Conan ANd Trying To Impress HIM What Do You Think?(Also That Girl Watching Shinchi Could She Be Sera The Girl With Small Breast It Seems Like Her Right)
  4. Could Be Sera(that new girl with small women parts
  5. Do You Think Kaito Is Shinchi's Cousin I mean they look like twin
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