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  1. Happy Birthday!! (x

  2. aww i love your pic <3 cits so cute ^_^

  3. Happy Bday x x x x

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D :D :D Have an AWESOME one and enjoy it~ Have fun! <333333333333

  5. Happy birthday, Sealeo! :P

  6. Happy Birthday, Sealo! I wish you the best :)

  7. The DVD's gonna be out by 10th October! But, i don't know when the fan subs will be out.....

  8. Cool! I never seen a shiny growlithe!

  9. It's a shiny Growlithe from Pokemon, who also happens to be one of my characters, Dust ^^

  10. Neither can I D:

  11. Your Welcome! CAn't wait for movie 15......

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