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  1. Why not add After the fired gun in 564 his upper head was darken, you could not see, and when vodka was telling gin about the robbery the flash back showed the same thing
  2. Thinking 10 years after is stupid. You plan by the day
  3. I dont know if there was a manga but the kickers was a great soccer anime to watch
  4. Batman is like the greatest hero of all time
  5. For a great detective heiji sometimes ( a little ) has deductions like mori
  6. for some reason 4,5,6,1,2,3 i like more then the others
  7. Its not a bad thing to watch a series as good as conan but i never told anyone that i watch stuff like this cause its non of their business, i dont like to argue with idiots
  8. A double locked room seem intriguing to preform
  9. Like senpai i watched too on RTL II when i was a kid, it was on german, but the show was outstanding.
  10. They are ordinary criminals all tho i havent heard why the have kidnapped her
  11. Akai is, the second place i give to gin
  12. thx, got a long way to go to catch up with you

  13. anokata and gin 50 years and no one catches them
  14. Tell me something thats not obvious, but useful not negated but true
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