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  1. Isn't that better than saying haldi instead of healthy?
  2. Yo! welcome to DCW A.Haibara-san! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here ^^
  3. Jigglypuff = Purin (in Jap, actually meaning pudding xD) Purin-senpai..........sounds good enough maybe P:
  4. I'll just change everything when I can. Avatar: 9.1/10 Siggy: 8.3/10
  5. Ahem. A Zubat human hybrid. Though I don't really like the way it turned out so I might change it soon.Oioioi have you read/watched it till the end? :B @Peanut sama : same rating hoho
  6. Trying to improve Still as funny as ever though.
  7. I'm half human, so I do have a bit of feeling :[
  8. Yeah Comedy xD .......................AHAHAHAHAHAHA FLYING ROCK xD and there was also one in which a girl (the criminal) exploded. Like um...literally.
  9. Never seen it with my own eyes though :3
  10. Come here, you can build one with fake snow.
  11. Ah...ahaha..hah...ha............HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! *RUNS AWAY AND HIDES*
  12. Waahhh seriously? :B That hurts ouch.
  13. People in real life say that I talk like dubbed anime. :V
  14. Hahahaha xD comedians, eh? They've got some amazing talent there.
  15. Lotsa work to do :/ I sleep a bit more on weekends though~
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