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  1. OMG indeed it is working partially! Thank u for the tip! But hopefully it works full-time soon
  2. Since I've been marathoning DC for a few weeks now and is a fan of Makoto-Sonoko pairing, I only noticed now that Sonoko's phone strap is a figure of Makoto-san XDDD

  3. 絶対happyになるからね!

  4. Yo~ atashi wa koko ni imasu yo hmmm.. moshikashitara minna wa cho isogashii dakara daremo inai no ne?
  5. As for me, My native tongue is Filipino, my second language is English. During my crazy KPOP days, I studied both Korean and Japanese. That was around 2009. Self studied Korean and studied Japanese formally (in a school somewhere out there) and I eventually reached level 2. But a year and a half after, right before I reach level 3, I have to quit formal nihongo lessons so in the end I was left to self study both language. But I focused more on hangul (because of KPOP) so I can pretty much read and write hangul with ease. As for nihongo, I pretty much suck at writing kanji. But I can read a little bit of it. Not all of course. After all, I quit formal lessons, right? So yeah.... (sorry for the very detailed explanation)
  6. Oh, Facebook I seldom use facebook but I don't mind adding you guys
  7. Oh sure! Mind telling me where is that place you're talking about?
  8. Oh, thanks for telling me that I feel loads better after reading your reply Well, I do understand people my age are busy with real life stuffs like work or having their own family already so no time for forum stuffs. I'm just too free that's why I'm active There was a point in my life when I had to leave fandom too. But now I'm back Thank you again
  9. Hai hai Sonoko no fan desu~ Yoroshiku ne~~~ arigatou! ee? wakaranai yo. anata no reply wa nihongo no hanashi dakara ne~ Again, thanks for the welcome! OMG, really???? I don't know how I'll feel after knowing I might be the oldest member of DCW T___________T Well, yeah I look like a teenager in real life, no kidding on that part. Your reply made me feel a little better. Thank you~ oh and I said "I knew it, I look like a grandma. well, can't do anything about it." There. Ufufufu I can't believe I'm almost a decade older than most of you guys. T_______T I should have made my age a secret if I've known this will happen.
  10. Ack!!! I'm old? Yappari obaasan mitai desu yo ne? :'( maa, shougainai ne~ T_____T
  11. Continued Detective Conan marathon, read Bleach and Naruto manga updates, listened to 2ne1 and CN BLUE's new album released yesterday, read fanfics, played with my nephew, listened to JPOP songs while reading fanfics and posted here.
  12. Taga-Bulacan po ako. Somewhere near Fairview Ikaw? Salamat sa pag-welcome!
  13. Bigyan mo pa rin ko pls baka may di ako nakita.. Please~ salamat Ren-Kun! Sobra ko kasing mahal si Makoto...
  14. I'm from the Philppines. There are no manga stores from where I am so the only way I can read mangas is through fan scanlations. But since I kinda know how to read Japanese, I also read raw scans sometimes.
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