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  1. Banned for banning me indirectly because of my typo xD
  2. yay thanks \o/ momo princess....
  3. Banned for banning me for not knowing Madoka when you probably know that I don't like mahout shoujo stuff xD
  4. Banned for wanting me to become like someone I don't know :B
  5. Banned because you're the one who first called him half Jigglypuff.
  6. Wait what. ;A; You're a white baby chinchilla <3
  7. Banned for manipulating my brain. You see, I know you're doing something with my brain because I suddenly know hundreds of magic spells I've never heard of before, genius Purin-senpai How does the nyahaha feel?
  8. Banned for calling me a moe magic girl. *cracks knuckles* fufufufu.. YES LIKE THAT!!!
  9. .........Banned for thinking that I thought you thought that you sai- wait uh what? No no, here you go like, NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
  10. Banned for even coming up with this magical girl thing :B .......kuso..*locks the magical girl powers*
  11. *twirls* *points at you with a shiny pink magic wand* Banned for being a genius :3 *winks*
  12. Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan: The Movie <333
  13. Aw thanks but....my eyes aren't as big as that and that thingy's nose is way harder-looking than mine.
  14. ......*Banned for being a peanut because if you weren't one, then I would have been able to burn all peanuts in this world.*
  15. Probably yeah :B It literally moves in all directions.
  16. Speaking of nose...my nose is really wobbly. Tiny bone? No bone? :V
  17. That's probably the eyes, but otherwise it's good :] +1
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