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  1. Happy new year I guess :3

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    2. phantomlady1101


      Yup yup ^^ Happy New Year *shares candies and hugs*

    3. Alpha the Errorist

      Alpha the Errorist

      @Kenzi: *highfives* xD

      @shahooda: Ah yea xD And its funny how you dont feel the aura. Its wrapping my soul now

      @Lady-chan: Nyohoho CANDY >:3 *hugs back*

    4. anonymously anonymous

      anonymously anonymous

      I guess I do feel an aura now... but it is mine and it overpowers yours :3 but I think its kind of a happy one (just a bit)

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  2. Funny how I'm perfect at making cream puffs but every other thing gets black
  3. .........D: a...aa....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *screams and jumps around* I just dont know what happens to me when I see your drawings. *faints*
  4. And I thought you put some amazing artwork in the spoiler box :3
  5. Aye :3 Apparently, life still wont get out of my way. Thursday come on! =___= *kicks*
  6. Hello ancient lady. Im Baaba of the Ancient Sheep.

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    2. Kirsch



      Haha, I hate reading too but fanfics are interesting, as long as the writer knows how to write xD

    3. Alpha the Errorist

      Alpha the Errorist

      That tastes like toothpaste Dx

      Ahaha yea. Maybe. I never really was into fanfics because I have too much anime to watch :P

    4. Kirsch


      It's like toothpaste with chocolate, yes xD

      I read fanfics because I'm scared to watch so much anime. Too many of them Dx

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  7. I like hamsters. (Even though they pee on me.__.)
  8. Dear anonymous, Please, operation C has to work!!! D: -Zubat
  9. My KHR collection is finally complete! \o/
  10. Sawada Tsunayoshi! Thats more like Who Do You Like? though I like lizards
  11. @MK: That would be better then? I like marshmallows
  12. @MK-(senpai): What should I call you then? Sensei? xD
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