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  1. @Lady: Not really, it was just that girls and boys were completely separated by a huge door within the building which had to be opened with a security card xP and the buses were separated too. @MK-senpai: Yeah xD sucks
  2. Aye! I might not be here for that long though. Life gets in the way ^^"
  3. Dear anonymous(es), So, let me ask you once again. Do you really not even know what Lego and donuts are? -Tiny eyes person
  4. So this is how it feels like being in a co-ed school for almost the first time. Sucks.
  5. Happy Birthday, BATMAN!

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    2. Alpha the Errorist
    3. Balthazar Manfredie
    4. Alpha the Errorist

      Alpha the Errorist

      Because you don't feel as much pain as you might while being burned. You just go unconscious after a while when you're drowned.

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  6. Dear anonymous, You won the bet. Congratulations :] -baby girl
  7. Ohh sounds cool~ welcome to DCW, Shion-sama \o/
  8. *pats* *has lots to do* *doesn't know what to do*
  9. Ahaha thank you xD I'm not that good yet though I'll become pro-ish one day (maybe or maybe not) so keep waiting! \o/
  10. Yaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!! \O/ *hugs*
  11. Happy Birthday ^^

    1. TheLover


      T___T You make me cry, baka.

      to remember my birthday, that's really nice from you. Thanks alot. :D

    2. Alpha the Errorist

      Alpha the Errorist

      Fufufu....haha don't cry baby xD

      You're welcome :P

  12. Banned for even thinking of making Moho-sama do that. *gulps*
  13. Banned for not understanding what it is like when you just find dozens of anime that might interest you but you don't have much time to watch all of em :\
  14. Banned for thinking that mine was already long when it's gonna keep growing xD
  15. Banned because my list is actually only 24 anime. I will, someday. Don't worry
  16. Banned for telling me to watch it right now knowing that I cant xD *writes it down on her super long to-watch list*
  17. Banned for telling me to watch an anime when I'm banned to watch anime IRL :\
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