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  1. Lol people wondering about who mystery guy is and the case itself and I be over here like "is Ran going to initiate the kiss or is Shinichi" XD but damn this case seems like it's going to be a lot of fun!!
  2. Am I the only one whose lmfao at this case XD like Shinichi, whose usually a serious detective, is using his detective skill to find this charm to get on haibaras good side so she'll give him the aptx drug thats what I call motivation XD anyhoo continue on with ur day
  3. I really hope Shinichi is the next file There are two many "great detectives" XD
  4. She will definitely go against the BO but I don't think she'll die, probs just take on a new identity (I don't think gosho will kill off anyone important who's a good guy)
  5. Don't ruin this for me XD I've been waiting so long for Ran to finally be involved because it will go against Shinichi's reason for keeping his identity secret. I hope in future chapters Ran will star to question Shinichi's disappearance more, I just really want to see an interesting progression with Ran cuz she is a fun character
  6. Ooh finally Ran gets involved SPOILER it's interesting Ran remembers that Ai was attacked cuz Shinichi/Conan was passed out at the time and I don't think it was confirmed he knew Ran was there But I'm excited cuz Vermouth and Shinichi are protective of Ran
  7. Well what kind of agency goes on a roller coaster to find their dealer XD
  8. Hello :D I saw you've been a member of SHS - Good work - I really enjoy your AMV's ^^

    1. gas057


      Wow late reply but thank you :)

  9. Ran is a great character and I wish Gosho would show more of her as a main character than just a side character. The best episodes are when we get to see Ran's personality (ex 400 when she hilariously tries to unlock conan's phone) she is a lot of fun and I ship her and Shinichi so much <3333
  10. OMG XD this chapter looks hularious but i thought the next case after BOY and GIRL would be a continuation with Sera, Sonoko and Ran ... O.o
  11. I understand if Ran is not the favoured character in the series but I feel a lot of people are too harsh on her (so let's see if i can change some or your minds ^-^) First the CRYING... mostly people don't like the crying but thats established as her only character flaw by EVERYBODY in the show (espeically Shinichi) and I feel it's Gosho's way to juxtapose her strong physicality (being very weak emotionally) To her credit she does not cry ALL the time, only when emotions rise (ex: the london arc when she breaks down infront of Shinichi) most of these crying scenes revolve around shinichi because she feels so much towards him and his absence (scared, lonely, anxious, a little resentful, love, excitement) shes a teenage girl in love - emotions are going to be hard to control for the people who say "She doesn't own Shinichi and he's just doing his job (well she thinks he is at least) why cry over him?" clearly don't realize the actual scenario. before the BO shinichi still went to school and did his detective work on the side but now all of a sudden he just simply vanished and is not coming to school at all. Sure, Ran "knows" he's out on cases but he's always so vague about his work and does not give much reason for his long hiatus from school. So yeah she's going to constantly worry about him. Second the CANT FIGURE OUT CONAN = SHINICHI "She's soo dumb, its been 20 years and she still hasnt figured it out" this flaw is not the characters but Gosho's fault - he purposely has to keep Ran in the dark so he can continue writing 1000 more filler episodes with a cohesive narrative Ran HAS been suspicious of Conan at least 3 times - and those episodes are my favourite (I find her hilarious when she's mad). She actually out-wits Shinichi and does a spectacular job deducing his actions of diversion (episode 400). But of course Gosho can't let her know since he's not ready for the story to take that turn, so Shinichi wins in the end.
  12. omg im so happy someone asked this!! i was soo pissed when they only showed Sonoko and not Ran >.< although we do see her older version in OVA 9 but she didn't look much different
  13. Kansuke Yamato: 10 Vermouth: 22 (+1) Juzo Megure: 7 (-1) Wataru Takagi: 10 Miwako Sato: 11 Vermouth is badass ^-^ i love her <3333
  14. god i hope we actually get some where with "sera little sister" i wanna know who she is!!! i also wanna know the back story of when ran and shinichi met sera ugh sooo many unanswered questions!!!! >.<
  15. omg lol Capture in HIS eyes XD but this looks really awesome ^-^ cant wait
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