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  1. Wild chan! D:

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    2. Wildheart888


      Okay fine yea, I do talk to myself a lot, but it's me to me, not me to another soul!

    3. Alpha the Errorist

      Alpha the Errorist

      You can start doing it! It would be awesome!

    4. Wildheart888


      Hmmmmmmm! Good ideaaa :D have any souls to recommmend?

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  2. ^Yeah. Relax and wait there. Keep waiting because youknowwhy. :3
  3. hmmm...that reminds me of.. Tsumasaki de kanaderu bolero~
  4. Dear Manang Potato, I dunno anything about who lives where .......fine. But I lead, you follow ^^ And you gonna help me, I dont understand routes and I dont understand maps. Come on I dont even know my way home. D: Wow just wow :V -Zubat
  5. @Cheese: Just how drunk God are you D:
  6. Kami D: Do you have a pizza blanket?
  7. Of course he will *shivers* That cheese
  8. How does that even come into his mind -__-"
  9. Dear Manang Potato, You stay, Im coming. Im gathering everyone to one place :3 -Zubat Dear Anonymous, But you just did D: WHY YOU DO THIS WHY JUST WHY ;A: -Zubat
  10. He's just really nice :3 thanks xD Ohh haha xD emoticon lady since birth. Creepy
  11. From....from the school principal XD *opens spoiler* waaaoo looks awesome :3
  12. Dear Anonymous, What a liar D: .........I can make someone else do the job! :3 -Zubat
  13. Not really, because you'll have to get yourself cleaned after lying down in a bed of tomato sauce :3
  14. Dear Anonymous, nnnnnnnnnnNNNNo! :3 -Zubat
  15. Dear Anonymous(es), I love you, I will find you, and hug you all someday! ALL of you! D: I AM GOING TO FIND ALL OF YOU! And I'm dead serious. -Zubat
  16. What should you do? Well, flood your thread with more art! xD
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