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  1. glad you didn't find my "interview' annoying -the nice-guy type
  2. I advise you to change your advice you advised me to do cause I don't understand the advice you advised me. :grin:
  3. A knight in shining armor riding in a black horse comes out *inserts the moon*
  4. V-Vermouth :grin: E-Edogawa Conan R-Rachel Moore M-Mai Kuraki (sang some of DC openings and closings) O-Okino Yoko U-Ueno Natsuhi (Miwako-Live action) T-The Raven Chaser H-Hattori Heiji -Next word: Magician
  5. I wish tomorrow would be a holiday---> wanted a longer weekend
  6. Do you think it's double posting?? --> I hope its not -about to become awesome
  7. I learned that she can sometimes be funny
  8. I found out that "that" sometimes could be painful.
  9. Dear Anonymous, Please tell me what you really think of me. Signed, :idea:
  10. preparing for school tomorrow *sigh*
  11. -you can never talk to me once I open a book
  12. ummmmm.......Spring -cool guy or nice guy
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