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  1. Scare the hell out of him by calling him Kudo Shinichi!
  2. Happy Birthday Shinichi-kun! :D I hope you come back to your original form in the mangas in the upcoming episodes, even if its for a little while!

    1. Shinichi Kudo forever

      Shinichi Kudo forever

      do u live in mumbai??? :PPPPPP coz i live in bombay too :P

    2. Charala97


      You do?! Wow, yes, I'm a mumbaikar :D

    3. Shinichi Kudo forever
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  3. Happy Birthday Shinichi-kun! :D

  4. The spoilers for chapter 857 are out! The last page shows Sera talking to someone on the phone asking if her deduction is right.... In 856, she clicks a picture of Conan. I think that she sent the picture to someone and asked that person to check if her deduction that "conan is shinichi" is right or wrong. I think she called to see what that person thinks of it. But I can't think of anyone who would help her in such a big way! It must be someone who knows Conan well. And I guess this is the same person who she contacted during the Detectives' Nocturne as well...
  5. Haha! I see that it's not just me but others also have problems in choosing their favorite!It took me quite some time to settle for Shinichi..... so i thought, why not pester the others into thinking about this as well!
  6. Shinichi! He's slightly better than Heiji, though I like Heiji as well! I think I like it best when they both work together.
  7. I began watching DC 6 years ago. It used to air on TV. I remember that I was really scared after watching my first episode of DC. If I remember correctly, it was episode 23-24 the Luxury liner case. After 2 seasons, it stopped airing due to some licensing problem, but by that time, I had become an ardent fan of DC. After it ended, I surfed on the net about it and I realized that I hardly knew anything about DC (Only first 2 seasons, so I didn't even know Haibara existed! Can you believe it! 8O) I began reading the pages in this wiki to know about all the characters and the current plot. And here I am, reading the manga scans weekly and eligible enough to speculate along with fellow DC freaks~! Though it was just 2 seasons, I'm glad they were aired, otherwise, I would have never known that this awesome manga ever existed!! I won't say I'm addicted, coz sometimes the varying pace of the story puts me off. But once I know that there's something interesting going on, I rush back here
  8. Absolutely! Jodie didn't have to SAY so much!! Conan's a goner this time.... (Though I know that Gosho won't let that happen! ) LOL! Kogoro never fails to make me fall off my chair with his ridiculous interpretations!
  9. I really appreciate the work the DCTP team is doing to translate the manga scans! It's wonderful that there are people who take time out of their hectic lives to translate the manga scans for us readers, even though they are not obliged to do it and translating Japanese IS taxing! TRUE DC FANS I MUST SAY @Kyu nye- Please thank all the DCTP staff members from me for doing so much hard work! THANKS A LOT! And yes, I hope that DCTP continues to translate manga scans.... I'm sure most of us wouldn't mind waiting a little longer to receive the translated files
  10. We had to wait for one and a half years after Okiya's intro to have Sera and Amuro in the manga and BOOM! The plot is moving forward like wild fire! I just hope this continues....... I can't wait anymore to know the WHOLE story behind these three....
  11. I have a question. In file 800, Amuro's "Why here?" thought was for Sera or Vermouth? I remember we were discussing about it in one of the threads, but I don't think we came to a conclusion, did we? If it was meant for Sera, then he surely knew that Sera is Akai's sister back then itself. But if it was for Vermouth, I don't understand why he was so shocked, she was the one helping him with the Scar Akai disguise and knew exactly what he was up to. So it shouldn't be that shocking for him to see her there. And another one, the call made by Vermouth in the same case was for Bourbon (Amuro). So to whom were Sera and Akai (Okiya) talking to? I can think of a few possibilities for Okiya, but Sera?
  12. I also hope that Shiho doesn't die and remains as Haibara..... I also have a strange feeling that Vermouth is going to commit suicide at the end of the series. Her personality seems to suggest that. Not to mention the way her life has been in the BO......
  13. Gosho Aoyama has already mentioned in an interview that he is going to give DC a happy ending. So that will most likely mean the END of the Black Organization. But what will happen to its members after that? Will they all die or will some escape? In this Topic, you can post the ending you predict for a BO member. You can write about anyone, high ranked or low. Maybe some of our guesses turn out to be true! So, lets begin... and yes, do you cast your vote on the above poll!
  14. Back to DCW after a long time!! :) Can't wait to check out all the action that I've missed in the Manga forums!

  15. I hope movie 17 is good because I think the DC movie quality is deteriorating right from movie 11.... But, the trailers don't seem all that bad.... relief!
  16. The episodes you mentioned are surely in my list. Other than that, I'd say: 1) Episode 8 - The one where the murderer wears an armour and killed some man, it gave me really bad chills!! 2)episode 193- When Shinichi was transforming into conan again, it was just too sad and frustrating..... 3)Episode 308-311 - Especially when Gin was going to check the locker in which Conan was hiding.... I felt I was going to faint! 4)Episode 345- I didn't get my eyes off the comp the entire time! 5)When Akai Shuichi Died, too horific..... 6) Episode 23-24 - that luxury liner murder case.... I was damn scared that night!! There are many more, but I think there are the top ranking ones for me other that the ones you mentioned
  17. The position of the hands of the deceased looks really odd.... it somehow feels like someone has placed the body like that because, that position doesn't look like a natural one ( Is that even possible 80 )
  18. Amuro is back in this file as well!! Nice This case is giving me a good feeling...... Amuro was a (and still is) a tennis pro, he can give very efficient first aid (trying to be nice huh?) and has learnt to unlock locks using a pin from a 'security guy' ( I hope he means Date-san and not someone else)
  19. Charala97


    Now that Aoyama has revealed Bourbon to be Amuro Tooru, what I'm waiting to know now is 1) How are Conan and Okiya gonna plan their moves knowing that Amuro is a BO member? 2) Why do Amuro and Akai hate each other so much?? I really hope that the reason for that is Sera and not Akemi like everyone's speculating.
  20. Okiya Subaru HAS TO BE Akai Shuichi! And I just can't wait to see Sera and Amuro's expression when they know of it!! Just like Rye said, the latest file says it all, Okiya's eyes are definitely like Akai's. CASE CLOSED
  21. The high impact Mystery Train Chapter!!!! The Hype is driving me crazy!!!!!!

    1. Alpha the Errorist

      Alpha the Errorist

      Does it mean you already read it !?Wow...It's already december and I havent read it yet.It's because I'm Japanese and I dont like to read DC in english.So I usually make my dad buy it, and he brings it here.(I dont live in Japan).So right now I am super excited to get it and read it right away after a few weeks!

    2. Charala97


      Please read it!! It is one of the best cases I've read so far.... I don't understand Japanese, though I'd love to read a DC manga in Japanese someday :)

  22. Wow, this case is getting more and more unpredictable!!
  23. Shinichi- because I miss not seeing him.... Kaito- He's the charming one Heiji- solely for his Kansai ben and calling Conan 'Kudo' in front of everyone Akai- OMG!! Speechless Junpei- I felt really bad when he died.... he was a nice guy Amuro - I'm the first voter because he has driven me crazy with the entire bourbon arc! I find his character damn interesting!
  24. @TML:I read the spoiler so I know what will happen to Sera and I think you have read it too But, if she thought that her brother was alive, don't you think she would have responded like "I knew you were alive.... you can't die" or something like that... But, in this case, it seemed certain that she did not think that he would be alive. Same goes to the case when she saw Scar Akai outside the Mouri detective agency, she couldn't believe that she saw him. So doesn't it imply that her objective for coming to Japan was something else?Maybe this was an objective, but not the main one.
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