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  1. Thank you so much! You really are filling the gap!
  2. I didn't do anything 'special' in particular, just stayed up till 12.30.......STUDYING! -_- But, it's not going to be the same story on New Year's eve :) What about you?

  3. Charala97


    WOW! That's AMAZING 8D Tell her Happy Birthday from me
  4. I have some projects to complete~! So yeah, I'm having a pretty sad Christmas :(

  5. Nor do I....... BTW, Merry Christmas! :)

  6. A Merry Christmas to all of you! :)

  7. A very happy Birthday! Have a lovely day :)

  8. Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day!

  9. It is...... but ShinRan 99% You can't deny that! I't just that I'm in a bit of a rush, I'll post a reply to your latest post..... pretty long!

  10. You really want ConanXAyumi don't you?

  11. Yeah, we both are! Fingers crossed for plot developments!

  12. Yeah, I think he would want to speak to Haibara after this whole thing is over, his interaction with her as Okiya makes me think that way.......... I don't know why, but I feel that Haibara might not like to talk to Akai...... has she ever spoken to him?

  13. Oh!! I am trying my best not to think about it except for posting in the forum because, I can't contain my excitement! I'm really bad at that. But in DCTP, they have said that the spoilers will be out by 30th December, so your wait has become shorter!

  14. Possible! Bourbon is just introduced, so we can't be sure that we know everything about him..... Vermouth is the type to see her own profit in things, so she might be using him...... interesting theory!
  15. Gin's glare is enough to make Genta run miles! We might see a thin Genta after that! LOL
  16. Same to you! :) I tought I'll make it my status tonight!

  17. DCW all ready for Christmas! The site looks so festive :) Especially Conan-kun!

  18. Okay, so can you tell me what Ayumi and Conan have in common? Hardly anything. Ran understands Shinichi very well my friend. There have been many instances to that throughout the manga and anime series. Shinichi and Ran care about each other, they LIKE each other! No matter what we talk here, Gosho has made them a couple, whether they are compatible or not, similarities or no, and I have no objection to that. Haibara has shown many a times that she might have a crush on Shinichi, but she wouldn't want things to move forward. She knows very well that Ran and Shinichi like each other and that she can't do anything about it. Shinichi respects her as a good friend, so he wouldn't be thinking of settling with her. Even if they do, they are two mature individuals and will find many topics to talk about, other than Holmes and Scientific stuff. But anyway, Haibara doesn't want to come in-between Shinichi and Ran, so, we can just leave her for now. Ayumi- she likes Conan, Haibara knows that and has hinted it to Conan numerous times. So far, Conan hasn't shown any sort of attraction towards her because he already has Ran in his head. If Ran dies in the end, then I don't think he'll be able to get over it because in the series, he is always clear that Ran's life is more important than his. If that ever happens, then he might stay single or be with Haibara or Ayumi. But, Haibara is a more likely option. Gosho has promised us a happy ending, so I doubt that Shinichi or Ran will die. AyumiXConan is not a bad couple, it's just that Conan doesn't seem to have any sort of feelings for her yet. So, we can't argue about them being a couple until he shows some positive signs. I wouldn't stop you from day-dreaming about them being together, but don't keep your hopes too high because Gosho has decided that Shinichi will be with Ran, whether you like it or not, whether they have similarities or not. Shinichi likes Ran's nature and so he likes her, he thinks she is the ideal woman. That's how his character is, we can't help it. Same here...
  19. Same here, it doesn't feel right for Conan having another ally in the BO. I really don't think Bourbon is going to abandon the BO for Conan. He just seems to be concerned about Akai right now. He hasn't really started 'watching' Conan yet. And even Conan doesn't seem to be too hampered by his presence. So, we'll just have to wait. You may be right..... but then what else can it be? Dark BO deals XD I think that it's something that's not yet revealed to the readers, related to Conan or something else.
  20. yeah.... BTW, Merry Christmas! xD

  21. I don't think Gosho will be so rude to his fans..... But, Sera was heading home in the previous case, so I think that she'll be shown in her hotel room doing some snooping I guess... :P

  22. Yeah, more clues can surely help! I meant that Akemi might have told Haibara that he was a traitor after he was exposed. This is stright-right speculation, but, I think Okiya is being friendly and protecting Haibara because of his guilt for hurting Akemi......... what do you think?

  23. Akemi and Ai seemed very close. So, I think Haibara would have known of Akai's relationship with her. She might have also known that he was a traitor.

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