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  1. Welcome to DCW, please enjoy to the fullest!
  2. I like DC, the color blue and chocolate
  3. I wish I could speak Japanese
  4. A manga building up tension and slowing down with meaningless chapters after building up that very tension
  5. What chapters are Anokata's identity hinted? Gosho claims that Anokata's identity is hinted in earlier chapters but I'm having trouble finding anything about this...
  6. I strongly believe that Shuukichi is the middle brother, he's got facial similarities to Akai and Sera and he's proven to be intelligent in the anime and manga.
  7. I agree with both AwD4869 and Vennowsah, Rum is definitely not Kansuke Yamato, Rum has to be Hyoue Kuroda and about the theory of Kir accidentally texting Rum instead of Run, it's a possibility but then again maybe she meant to text Rum because she is with the C.I.A and she told the FBI that she'd give them any insight on anything she learns, so maybe that was her insight to share with them.
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