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  1. http://www.dailydot.com/lol/77-days-pronunciation-book-youtube-countdown-theories/ It's time to be real tanteis, everybody
  2. Maybe I'm being really dumb, but can someone more fluent in korean help me source this interview? http://blog.daum.net/wndltj/24 It says 88 questions. Which one was this?
  3. maybe, almost hopefully he'll turn out to be anokata, though that means he has to have appeared before.
  4. as the dew sounds sweet to me for some reason. I love it ^^
  5. ok everyone IT'S TIME TO SHIP THIS.
  6. Maybe we are just misunderstanding each other. First of all, we can define the term, "murder" used in law. 1. The act of unlawfully killing a human being with premeditated malice, by a person of sound mind. To constitute murder in law, the person killing another must be of sound mind or in possession of his reason, and the act must be done with malice prepense, aforethought or premeditated; but malice may be implied, as well as express. Let's take an example. A woman who is about to be raped defends herself. She grabs the lamp next to the bed and clobbers him in the head. The man is killed. In this case, it is neither premeditated or in an act of malice, so it is not murder. Manslaughter is the killing of a human being that is not premeditated, though still with intent to kill (though I believe it does not include acts that are in self-defense). Killing a terrorist. Since this implies that it is to follow out on law, it is not unlawful, and so it is not still murder. I think you are describing just the act of killing a human being, which may have very different circumstances, and not murder as described here. So no, there really aren't any extenuating factors in a murder charge.
  7. Hmm... Perhaps it's a defense mechanism. Doctors can't possibly have feelings over every patient that died. It's better to harden yourself to everything, to treat them like numbers, otherwise you'd be crying all the time, and it'll wreck you to pieces. How many times a day will you have to tell family, friends, the one they loved most is gone forever? "I"m sorry... but there was nothing we could do..", "There were some... complications, in the surgery," and watch as your words break their hearts into little pieces? Conan similarly, how many tragic cases have he encountered? He can't visit every one of them in a jail. He just can't break his heart over every single case that was sad. I think you would kill yourself soon if you did that. Of course basic human sympathy and compassion, is, well, human. You're not wrong to find that you care about these people who were in sometimes unimaginable situations. It lies in the very fabric of what makes people people. But does the fact that Conan decides not to feel for the murderers, does it undermine his own humanity... or does it make him, in contrast, more human? In order to heal hearts, do you consequently... have to be heartless?
  8. I think in Conan's eyes, the law isn't meant to serve the people, it's to govern the people, to set a standard. The standard is, you cannot commit murder. What's the exception to that? You cannot commit murder, unless you feel as though they deserved it. or You cannot commit murder unless the person assaulted you. You cannot commit murder except maybe if they killed someone you know etc etc. Is this a "slippery slope", where once one exception is made, one tiny step down the hill, you'll fall down the entire side of the hill straight to the bottom? The law is where the line is drawn- the law isn't grey or in shades. It's black and white, right and wrong. Murder is wrong, period, there are no extenuating factors in a law. Shinichi says something like this, "no matter what the reason, i don't understand why you would kill someone". does it signal that he just can't think with his heart? the emotional side of things.
  9. Because its.... Well, it's.... It's awesome. It doesn't get enough credit for the things people don't always realize. A flawless series? No. But it has so much heart put into it, maybe more than the author thinks he put in, and maybe in ways the audience haven't discovered yet. "Creations reflect the heart of the creator,", right? I sorta think DC is like homestuck. At first it starts off more docile and with no warning to the wider adventure that follows, and then it gets epic, but you have to wait a little until it gets more complex, art is improved, The creators have managed to stay two steps ahead in more ways than we thought at first (though Hussie in an insane amount), concepts, ideas, aren't revealed until about 3000 pages after, and there's constant wondering of exactly how much we've been let in on, and how much the author even knows not that crazy... right?
  10. wow catching up on dc now i realize there's some holes in it but i think it's still my headcanon. that's true :/
  11. i actually laughed out loud how about the one where the woman was taped to a bathtub?
  12. I did a search thingy for homestuck and i'm pretty surprised. i was wondering, how many of our fandom are actually into homestuck? it doesn't seem like a lot >:[
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