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  1. Thanks!

    I'm totally enjoying DCW!

  2. Guess we need to wait for the next DC manga update to speculate more about Sera. As of now, the theory that she may be a part of the BO can't be ruled out! Though it looks like she is not a loyal member. @sherlock Lupin- The link I posted in my first comment
  3. @justwantanaccount: Sure! That's just my theory And personally, I wish Sera does turn out to be a part of the BO. She shouldn't be a loyal member though.... I mean, that will be an amazing twist according to me And thanks for the translation! I guess I mistook some of the info But, I just can't agree to the fact that Sera is just a High school student searching for her brother... she will turn out to be another Eisuke then and Aoyama-sensei wouldn't make such a mistake At least, I wish he isn't....
  4. @justwantanaccount: Thanks for that! And I don't mind one bit People tend to make mistakes and it's always good if they are corrected But, I really think Aoyama Sensei should end DC within the next 4-5 years.... though I'm kinda sad and happy thinking about it
  5. Yo Chelsea! I'd rather call u Akako And yeah, pls wait for a while till I send u all a friend request And I have read loads of DC fan fictions I might have read yours as well I love all the fanfics! Especially ShinRan ones They are my favourite DC couple *goes into DC dreamland*
  6. School Project! Agh!! Sometimes... I wish there was a project on DC :D

    1. Amaranth
    2. Charala97


      Seriously, I'd get the highest marks then :P

  7. Wow! We both like SuJu <3

    I have not really heard DBSK, so... can u recommend some songs to me :)

    And yeah! u can call me c97 :P wierd name, but I like it :)

  8. Well, Aoyama-sensei said in an interview that he wants to retire when he is Agasa's age (52) He is currently 48.... so, I think DC will end under the next 4 years coz he would want to continue with Magic Kaito and Tell me a Lie! He also said the the ending will be a happy one
  9. Thank you!

    I have sent u a request ;)

  10. Thank you for your warm gestures again! Unfortunately, I'm working on a Science project right now, so please give me some time before I send friend requests to you all And one more thing, please see my post in the manga section: Sera's identity speculation. I have been thinking hard about who she might be and I have come up with a theory! I need some opinions as to whether it is convincing or no Anyway, thank you once again! @Berumotto: thanks for telling me about the rules! I'll remember them And I know that you all are good people, that's why you'll are being so generous in welcoming me to DCW
  11. SHINee is no. 1 for me~! <3

    Then comes 2PM, then SuJu and then Big Bang! :)


  12. So into finding out who's SERA :D I just love her!! <3

  13. Your Welcome!

    Actually, my friends are K-POP fans.

    But I have heard only SHINee and Suju.

    But I do know SNSD, fx and all :)

  14. NO WAY!! Shinichi-Kun is the BEST (only in deduction) But Jeet-kun-do.... um..... no denying, but.... SERA!! But still, I think Shinichi is better in other ways
  15. Hello! You are a K-POP fan??

  16. Well, in the website in which I read the interview, the stats are slightly different Please read the interview in the link I have posted. In that, Aoyama- sensei claims that Sera might be an inportant character's sister. He also says that the Haibara- Sera showdown will be a part of the Bourbon Arc Climax. So, if you go by the interview, it seeems like Sera IS A BO MEMBER. Plus, if she is just a high school girl who is searching for her brother (I believe it is Akai) then, she'll just turn out to be Eisuke's clone (Though she is a girl ) All I can say is that please read the link I have given and if the facts are wrong then please let me know
  17. Thank You SO MUCH guys! My first day in DCW has been a huge success!! And I just wanted to know since when the DC virus has hit you all The number of years dosen't really matter as long as you are hit by the Virus right?? @Patronus Charm: Are you a HP fan?? @sherlock Lupin: I'd call you Sherlock ok?
  18. Hello! Who's your Fav male character in DC??

    Mine is Shinichi-kun <3

  19. I love the confession!! Just waiting to see what happens when Shinichi transforms again He won't be the same around ran.... he'll be shy and all!!! AWESOME!!!!
  20. Thank You So Much BK I'll surely come to you if I have any queries I have been a DC fan for the past 4 years! What about you guys??
  21. I have been following Sera for a while now, and I also read Aoyama-sensei's interview. In that he did say that Sera was an important character's sister, but, he also said that the finale of the Bourbon arc will be a Showdown between Sera and Haibara, that is, the meeting of two 'wolves.'Now, if I remember correctly, then Akai had once told conan that the Black Organization members are a pack of 'wolves.' So, was Aoyama-sensei hinting that Sera is a BO member?! Here's the link of the interview: http://detectiveconanfanclub.com/others/aoyama-gosho-interviews/2011 The highlighted sentence is in the answer to the question "In an interview with our magazine back in 2008, you mentioned that the next climax will be the Bourbon arc."
  22. Hello DC fans!! I am new here. I hope that we all can do some good Detective Conan related discussions here
  23. Hello Everyone!

    I'm new in DCW. I hope that we all can be friends :)

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