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  1. Happy birthday! I just happened to log in and it was your birthday, lucky me :3

  2. Can you not Taylor Swift? D:

  3. A year went by so fast 0_0

  4. LOL....ofc...don't ever go with the climax of 50 shades... haha xPPP Just turned 15 Nice drawings btw!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (But I can never imagine Shinichi and Kaito together!!)
  5. WOW. AMAZING. *cries* tears of happiness...never saw something so so good!! Her eyes especially!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!! Sorry no +1 for today! I'll give it tomorrow! Ran out of my quota! xP
  6. 10 years later...hopefully, I'll become more mature...and taller xPP
  7. I googled-'How does TB xactly spread?'.
  8. Dear anon. Thanks!!- for the advice too -Oshin
  9. Italian! Oho... my friend's learning french and I, German. Duolingo is really nice. If you earn many points then it even teaches you how to flirt in French! xP Lol.
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